Enrique Dussel and John Dewey share commitments to philosophical theory and practice aimed at addressing human problems, democratic. Keywords Enrique Dussel, John Dewey, Liberation Philosophy, Pragmatism, Latin American Philosophy, Democratic Theory 1 Alex Carta a los indignados . interest in Enrique Dussel’s work, to which this volume upsurge of , Dussel published Carta a los indignados, and he has recently finished a companion.

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Democracy and the public space in Latin America.

Though the success of these institutions has varied Avritzerthese experiments provide an opportunity to analyze different conditions and designs. At this level of abstraction, it is difficult to know how potentia is constituted and what dusael empirical manifestation of potentia might be.

Liberation Pragmatism: Dussel and Dewey in Dialogue | Alex Sager and Albert Spencer –

Democracy and the public space in Latin America. This seems in part due to a conception of political philosophy as autonomous from social science. Log In Sign Up. American Journal of Political Science 43 2: Second, Pragmatism and the Philosophy of Liberation both take experience as the point of departure for ethics and indignadoz philosophy Stehn a, How is the transformation of political institutions to be achieved?

Political institutions pass through stages of development. For Dussel, legitimacy has its basis in the people whose will is mediated by institutions. Access content through your institution. Pragmatism and the Philosophy of Liberation. Have an Access Token?

Enrique Dussel — Wikipédia

Pragmatist philosophers — including Dewey and his heirs — have neglected the Global South and have been too sanguine about including marginalized groups in developed states, illegitimately narrowing the scope of who is included in democratic dialogue and the set of problems addressed. Philosopher of Science and Freedom edited by Sidney Hook.


A Pragmatic Method of Constructive Engagement. Spencer, Portland State University Forthcoming in Contemporary Pragmatism through communication and democracy flourishes when it is inclusively informed by the diverse ways of life it represents.

Pappas Gregory Fernando ed. Reflections on Aesthetics, Morality, Science, and Society. Librarian administrators click here. Sign in to annotate. London and New York: Despite his protests, it does not allow for irreducible pluralism among groups.

Following the structure of his ethics, Dussel divides political philosophy into three spheres, each with its own principle: For example, Dussel writes the following of his discussion with Rorty on Dewey and Marx and the possibility of pragmatism incorporated the critical social sciences: Search Google Scholar Export Citation.

The Later Works — Dewey sees systems of ethics as serving to control human nature and argues most ethoi impose structures contrary to human nature as a means of securing oligarchic control 6. Dussel adds the requirement that the material and formal elements of a political theory must support feasible proposals.

Spencer, Portland State University Forthcoming in Contemporary Pragmatism connects to contemporary social and political movements in Latin America and the rest of the world.

Liberation Pragmatism: Dussel and Dewey in Dialogue

Spencer, Portland State University Forthcoming in Contemporary Pragmatism The extension in space of the number indifnados individuals who participate in an interest so that each has to refer his action to that of others, and to consider the action of others to give point and direction to his own, is equivalent to the breaking down of those barriers of class, race, and national territory which kept men from perceiving the full import udssel their activities MW 14, The Later Works, Woodrow Wilson Center Press.

Spencer, Portland Indigjados University Forthcoming in Contemporary Pragmatism Toward Liberation Pragmatism The parallels between Dewey and Dussel invite dialogue, but the reason for bringing them together is that this may address shortcomings in both pragmatism and liberation philosophy.


Unfortunately, his phenomenological and hermeneutical roots and his accompanying neglect of mainstream social science are a liability for a feasible political philosophy. Democracy of, by, and for Whom?

I asked Rorty at the philosophy institute in Mexico: Dewey shares similar commitments, placing indgnados in the experimental intelligence of ordinary indignadod and the capacity of universal education to equip them with the tools to engage intelligently in politics. Third, Dussel is not particularly interested in actual democratic mechanisms, remaining caught at a level of abstraction. What is notable about public participation in Brazil and many other places in the developing world carga that it involves significant sectors of people who have traditionally been excluded from political decision making.

Alex Sager 1 and Albert R. London and New York: Woodrow Wilson Center Press. A central task for radical political philosophy is to participate in the quest for feasible institutions that fulfill the material needs of excluded people and give them a democratic role.

American Pragmatism also tends to have a parochial focus. Closer contact between American Pragmatism and Liberation Philosophy offers a more robust, democratic, pragmatic philosophy of liberation that connects to contemporary social and political movements in Latin America and the world. This passage reveals a difference in perspective and in preferred tools.

The Underside of Modernity. Login with your Institution.

How do we reconcile the contradictions here? Where he falls short is in providing the tools to realize his ethical vision.