Please note that north is indicated on the maps (two maps, because of their size and aspect, have been rotated to better fit the constraints of this book). However. This is the third expansion to the Castle of the Mad Archmage megadungeon adventure. In this adventure, the characters are catapulted to a. Castle of the Mad Archmage is a lot of fun, let’s get that out in the open first. It’s a big layer cake maze of monsters and treasures and tricks and.

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And that’s kind of too bad. Questions about this project? Jan 1, – Jan 29, 28 days.

See my play recap blog for details: I couldn’t see this coming because nothing we’re run into so far gave us a archmagf. The big issue I see is the number of staircases interconnecting Level 1, 2, and 3. That said, CotMA does seem to be a classic in its own right, and is without doubt one of the best fan creations out there. I still like COTMA, but I just feel like it needs a archmae less random silliness, a bit more tension, and a lot more clues to help piece it together as a whole.

Dungeon Fantastic: Castle of the Mad Archmage actual play reflections

I’m assuming you’re trying to hint around the idea that on level 13 you get to meet the mad wizard behind the place. The most likely risk arcchmage a delay in receiving the artwork. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. I heard a little about Isle of the Unknown. They chose the megadungeon. It just feels like “mad wizard did it” explaining random rooms that don’t have a connection to each other or any real chance to apply what you know to what will come.

  LNL 2220 PDF

The Castle of the Mad Archmage – Merric’s Musings

Dell’Orto September 9, at There are a lot of rooms that have monsters without much more detail about what the monsters are doing there, but every so often you find little arvhmage that archmafe can turn into great encounters. Learn more about accountability. This might be the room that has a death trap or the pot of gold pieces. This is the third expansion to the Castle of the Mad Archmage megadungeon adventure.

The next expansion for the hit Castle of the Mad Archmage megadungeon setting. Maybe that’s the point; Zagyg, the patron spirit of the thing, was a strange, chaotic being, so that’s what his abode-fortress should be like.

I would be disappinted to have an adventure just be a random set archmaeg encounters when it ended.

I just started running CotMA myself. I decided to use the much-ignored Item Saving Throw tables for once to see what happened; alas, all the weapons saved. Something to pull us down deeper, something to drive our understanding of the place so learning gains us some in-game ability to avoid its tricks and traps instead of just hope for the best and see what falls on our heads for opening a door. It’s been a fun campaign. But maybe even an excellent pastiche of what worked for the hobby as a dungeon back in just isn’t for us, here in Carlos de la Cruz Tthe 11, at 5: Want to mmad again?


It’s available in print or pdf:. How about the maze of doors? It was clear it thr a follow-the-rainbow puzzle, but not clear why. This Kickstarter will be used to fund art and editing archmahe the adventure.

The original Castle of the Mad Archmage has more than thirteen levels and over 1, keyed encounters of perils, monsters, traps, and treasure to bedevil your players.

Or at least give’s DM a “cause” to tie it all together. Dell’Orto September 9, at 9: I rolled a d6 to discover which of the three groups of Barbarians he came from — Frost Barbarian came up trumps, which made this into a role-playing encounter rather than a combat encounter, which would have happened with a Snow Barbarian, as the two barbarian peoples hate each other!

Castle of the Mad Archmage

It’s a way to bring creative projects to life. Talking about frameworks for GMs to work with, “Blackmarsh”, by Robert Conley or the various settings in “Points of Light” is more to my liking. Sad to hear about it.