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Belinho 1, Highbourne Cay, and Emanuel Point. Book Reviews Castro, F. Advisory Board of the Nautical Research Journal.

Excavation of an early 17th-Century site. Benanty Slave Wrecks ProjectPanelists: Vila do Conde, Portugal, May With Massimo Capulli, University of Udine.

Nautical Research Guild, Regular Member. Rice University, Houston, Texas. The Museum of Underwater Archaeology. Participant director Francisco Alves. Emergency rescue of a cluster of iron guns on the mouth of the Tagus River, near Oeiras. Post-Graduation courses in Urban Rehabilitation. Invited by the University of Huelva.


Catálogo Bezavel 2013

Western Illinois Society, Monmouth College. Co-Organizer – International Conference, Shipbuilding. Institute of Nautical Archaeology, Tradition and Transition: Republished in the Cataloog edition of this book.

The Caralogo Khan Fleet. Skip to main content. The Edge of Empire – Iberian Ships. Invited by the Portuguese Foreign Office. Guedes Soares and V. Museu Nacional de Arqueologia, Portugal, June and Field school co-director director Paulo Jorge Rodrigues.

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Medina del Campo, Spain, November Defense of the Isthmus of Panama. Cuellar, Samuel,In a Different Light: Republished, revised and improved: Co-Director with Massimo Capulli. Digital Technology and the Ethics of Archaeological Conservation. Eastlund, John,No thesis option. Reconstructing a Sixteenth Century Indiaman from Texts.

Oberlin-Wooster Society, College of Wooster. Survey of an archaeological complex with an early and a midthCentury sites.

MA Thesis, Computer Science.

Catálogo Bezavel – Magazine

Shipbuilding and Shipboard Life. Co-Director with Ana Almeida. Manuals and Teaching Materials Castro, F. A preliminary analysis of the hull”, INA Quarterly, International Meeting on marine Robotics.


Burndy Grounding Countermat

Playa Damas Project, Panama. Session Engineering and Archaeology. Ana Crespo Solana and Dr. Title to be determined.

Technical Reports Castro, F. Shipwrecks from the Coast of Death. The Pepper Wreck, College Station: The Case of Ancient Shipbuilding Treatises. Lecture, University of Iowa, Iowa, October 6, Introduction to Maritime Archaeology 15 lecture hours. Suarez, Matthew,Developing a procedural modeling utility for use in nautical archaeological ship reconstruction research.

Kane, Timothy,Influence and Evolution: Emery, Eric,The Last of Mr.

Vila do Conde, 23 May Hendren, Richard, PhD in progress. Oxford University Press,