Catherine Coulter is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the FBI Thrillers featuring husband and wife team Dillon Savich and Lacey Sherlock. She is. A long weekend in the Poconos is cut short when Sherlock and Savich are helicoptered back to Washington to lead the investigation into the brutal murder of a. Married FBI agents Sherlock and Savich are vacationing in the Poconos when Savich is approached by a “ghost” who asks for help. When he realizes what is.

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I thought Ben and Callie were a little unbelievable. The ghost side story is very different, but it is an interesting addition. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Books by Catherine Coulter. In that moment, there was no doubt in his mind that someone was trying to hurt her. Ben – I liked him as well. I want you safe, so don’t move from this sofa.

What was he to do? She promises not to be a reporter, and even takes a leave of absence from the paper.

Email required Address never made public. That was hours of my life I’ll never get back. They kept revisiting the same information. The front door was unlocked.

He felt along the wall until he found a light switch. They do find her son, in a most unusual way, and even solve her murder. Jun 25, Karen Jones rated it it was ok. And just when he tries to convince the local sheriff of what happened, Actherine and Sherlock are called back to D.


Is the murder a terrorist act? The house now seems abandoned, as if it had been that way for years. I love Savich and Cathsrine – their brains are awesome. He tried one final time.

Blowout by Catherine Coulter (“FBI” series Book #9) | A Bookaholic’s Review

But before he has the chance, he and Sherlock are summoned back to D. I’m going to call the sheriff. Can the two of them work together for the good of the case or will Ben Raven throw up his hands and quit. She was breathing in great, gulping gasps, more terrified now than before, her pupils wildly dilated, and she was sobbing, incapable of speech.

It probably won’t be my last. The same words, over and over, nothing specific, no names, nothing more than what she’d said since she’d run out of the woods. His mouth was bone dry when he said, “Is the man up there? Savich and Sherlock are up against it this time, following leads that seem impossible to connect to the madness. Nov 10, Laddie Tabor rated it it was amazing. Jul 02, Margaret Yelton rated it liked it. The ending and revelation of the reasons the killer attacked was pretty lame.

There was no choice. But how had she known even before he’d heard anything? Someone was playing games, the sorts of games that reminded him a bit of the most horrific criminal he’d ever run into, Tammy Tuttle, a nightmare that still haunted him when his brain shut off enough to let it in.

But it is not the focus of the story, and its well written, believable. It was hard not to cheer the killer on. But as i find them at thrift stores, cqtherine grab them. They spend more time flirting and joking around then actually investigating.


Coulter will produce some lemons. Other books in the series.

Blow Out Book Summary and Study Guide

I liked the book. Whatever they had heard, no, whoever they had heard, was gone. Savich frowned as he looked up at the ceiling as well. Savitch is the braun.

That’s right, don’t move.

Blowout | Catherine Coulter Suspense Thriller author FBI Contemporary

You’ve got to get him, stop him. We see them more with Sean in this one and I liked that aspect. He went into room after room, all bedrooms, most looking long empty, except for a well-used boy’s room with posters of old rock groups on every wall, all sorts of toys and games covering the surfaces.

He walked catherlne the dining room and into the large kitchen, then into a mud room. And now Ben is stuck with her. It was a well-written and suspenseful tale featuring two FBI agents who are married and work together to solve cases. But someone was right above their heads. Her lips worked, but nothing came out but gasping breaths, full of fear too deep to understand.

He drove down the narrow paved road, snow piled up on both sides around them.

I really enjoy reading her FBI thriller series. This is a very interesting storyline and one that really enjoyed reading.