Cfengine-Tutorial. AUTOMATED SYSTEM ADMINISTRATION. Kirk: “I’m curious, Doctor, why is it called the M5?” Daystrom: “Well you see, M1 to M4 were not. As we are using a single Ubuntu server in this tutorial, we’ll be using it both as a policy hub and as a client. To start CFEngine’s policy hub, you. Contribute to theofilis/tutorial-cfengine development by creating an account on GitHub.

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Using cfengine as a front-end for cron Structuring cfengine. You can start new lines wherever you like. How it works Remote execution of cfengine It is a good idea to execute cfengine by getting cron to run it regularly. As such, all hosts read the same configuration file.

Your policy has now been added to the policy server, and will be run every five minutes. If number of edits is greater than zero, rename the old file and save the edited version in its place.

Learn – CFEngine

CFEngine is used in both large and small companies, as well as in many universities and governmental institutions. For professional contributions to the field of system administration through their ground-breaking work in system administration theory. A regular expression is a generalized wildcard.

Agent bundles are only evaluated by cf-agentthe agent component of CFEngine. NFS filesystem resourcesNext: Using cfengine tutoriaal a front-end for cronNext: Here is his answer:. Tuutorial example, to link all of the binary files in the PATH environment variable to a single directory, tidying dead links in the process, you cfenginw write control: This implicit looping is part of the power cfenhine Cfengine. Upgrades of the operating system software might delete your carefully worked out configuration.

Cfengine 3 is tutoriao a drop-in replacement for 2, but a more powerful system. It does not and cannot grant any access to a system from the network. Editing filesPrevious: For example, some administrators consider the finger service to be a threat cfengune security and want to disable it. When you have set up these components, you can sit back and edit the configuration files and watch things being done.


You can also use it as a netwide front-end for cron. The final piece is the name of the filesystem. File sweepsPrevious: Access controlUp: The body common control refers to those promises that are hard-coded into all CFEngine components and therefore affect the behavior of all components. If you reinstall your operating system later it doesn’t matter because all your links are defined in your cfengine configuration file, recorded for all time.

Cfagent will help you with the last two in a very transparent way. Again type “vi” then “Enter” then i to insert the following:.

Examples and Tutorials

In this case all hosts on the network have only one server: For example, solaris 2. This way you do not have to rely on cron running on every system.

This directory is called the file repository and is set in the control part of the program, as follows: It doesn’t matter whether software compiles in the path names of special directories into software as long as you follow the points above.

How it worksUp: It will be explained in detail later, for now notice tutoiral this definition looks rather stupid and inflexible.

Using the automounterNext: Cfengine grew out of the need to control the accumulation of complex shell scripts used in the automation of key system maintenance at University College in Oslo. Start cf-serverd in verbose non-forked mode, debug level 1: If you are looking for a fast and highly scalable configuration management tool for your IT infrastructure, you should give CFEngine a try. Because cfengine works at a very high level, doing very cfentine things for very few lines of code it might seem that some flexibility is lost.


Getting started What you must have in a cfengine program A cfengine configuration file for a large network can become long and complex so, before we get down to details, let’s try to strip away the complexity and look only to the essentials.

On the host which is to access the files you must mount the filesystem cfengibe the mount point. As we are using a single Ubuntu server in this tutorial, we’ll be using it both as a policy hub and as a client. You can use all of your carefully crafted groups and user-defined classes to identify which host should run which programs.

For example, suppose we define a class include. Free and open-source software portal. For cfengune, to tutoriql C style comments you could write: Also, in contrast to programs like rdist which distribute files over many hosts, cfengine does not require any general root access to a system using the. But networks have a tendency to expand tutoria you know it–you have five different types of operating system and each type of system has to be configured in a special way, you have to make patches to each system and you can’t remember whether you fixed that host on the other side of the building Because cfengine always uses a reliable TCP protocol for connections, it verifies each connection rather than simply broadcasting openly.

Editing filesUp: Think of the body of a contract, or the body of a document. A comment is some text which is ignored by cfengine. This variable tutorisl contains an up to date list of the defined classes. AND and OR, written.