Azadi has 62 ratings and 7 reviews. Rishi said: I picked it in a second hand book shop and got big time lucky:) The story begins with the place Sialk. Indian novelist, born in Sialkot, formerly in India and now in Pakistan, educated at the University of Delhi and the University of Nottingham. Since he has. Chaman Nahal was 19 when partition took place. When the most unrelenting sight on both sides of the Radcliffe Line was of roads dotted with.

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He knocks at the doors of his distant relatives in Amritsar but none of them welcome him and his survival family. Aranya rated chaaman really liked it Nov 12, Historiographic metafiction is a quintessentially postmodern art form, with reliance upon textual play, parody and historical re-conceptualization.

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AZADI by Chaman Nahal | Kirkus Reviews

Your email address will be altered so spam harvesting bots can’t read it easily. He has been weeping. Lala Kanshi Ram is one of the representatives of the victims who faced traumatic incidents during the Partition. South Brunswick, NJ, A. In Ivan Smith Ed.

Whenever Arun talks of Madhu, Kanshi Ram closes the subject because her separation haunts her severely and cyclically. Now share the story Too bad. Apart from his personal anguish emerged out of the loss of his chamn infants Nahal,p. That could never be made good, never atoned chama. Lala Kanshi Ram revitalizes his infantile time when he is forced for exile as:. In the Punjabi culture, the Lala had grown up in, turban has its own dignity for Sikhs, Hindus and Muslims.


I lent this book to a senior member of my family, who read with emotions and memories which he told me, that he relived through this book.

The pointed reference to the Mahabharata and Kurukshetra is an ingenious hint at the destruction and chaos that nearly engulfed India at the time of partition.

Notify me of new comments via email. The novel informs to a greater degree than it involves the foreordained inevitability of that East-West cliche? An autobiographical book, Silent Lifewas originally written in English and later translated into 12 languages, including Russian, Hungarian and Sinhalese. The ceaseless traumatic incidents such as the loss of his house and land, the looting of his store and now, the death of his beloved daughter and son-in-law etc.


Chaman Nahal

Srawan Kumar Kamatala rated it it was amazing Sep 29, It was a problem […]. The demise of Madhu pains him so tremendously that sometimes he feels that she comes back to see him in person.

Inhe joined Rajasthan UniversityJaipur as reader in English. In this sickening climate of communal bitterness and hatred even the pure and profound Arun-Nur love-relationship chaan to be a private, personal affair, and, almost in spite of them, it comes to acquire communal or political overtones.

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Freedom song – Society & The Arts News – Issue Date: Jul 16,

Return to Book Page. Please log in using one of these methods to post your comment: The madness was so atrocious that almost 70 years later, we still hear its reverberations. How would he dispose of it? Characters were sketched very realistically making the tragedies befalling on the likable ones very poignant.

Little does he realize the far greater separations and sorrows to follow, just as the shooting of a dog on the streets by an English soldier revealing the same cavalier indifference with which they had once gunned down Aadi, is only prefatory to the later scenes of riot, looting, stampede and slaughter.

It was the seventh or eighth child […].

Pankaj rated it it was amazing Dec 19, Then, the Lala starts associating the destruction and holocaust in Russia and Japan with the ongoing chaos and bloodshed in the Punjab. Kanshi Ram has just been busy piling up his haemorrhages for a couple of months. From Kiev to Stalingrad, cahman Leningrad to the Crimea, the Soviet Union caman badly devastated — causing the death of 25 million Soviet citizens in the years of and Lala Kanshi Ram actually knows that there will be a lot of carnage if two new nations come into existence.