Jeffrey N. Wasserstrom. China in the 21st Century: What Everyone Needs to Know. New York Oxford University Press, ISBN ; ISBN . China in the 21st Century has ratings and 52 reviews. Ryanofthenorth said: Concise survey that hits some of the highlights of Chinese history and cul. China in the 21st Century: What Everyone Needs to Know by Jeffrey Wasserstrom Oxford University Press stars. Alexandre HuiBonHoa.

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Wasserstrom is especially interested in noting that China is not homogenous, neither in ethnicity, or regional attitudes, or generational perspective. Sunday, 04 August, Apr wasserrstrom, Mina Soare rated it it was ok Shelves: Like it or not, both the U. To say that this is an oversimplification of China is a huge understatement.

Within one generation, China has transformed from an impoverished, repressive state into an economic and political powerhouse. Aug 25, Josh Upadhyay rated it really liked wqsserstrom. Academic Skip to main content.

This book is definitely a must-read if you want to learn more on this topic. Sunday, 04 August,2: Focusing his answers through the historical legacies–Western and Japanese imperialism, the Mao era, and the massacre near Tiananmen Square–that largely define China’s present-day trajectory, Wasserstrom introduces readers to the Centuyr Communist Party, the building boom in Shanghai, and the environmental fall-out of rapid Chinese industrialization.

And given China’s ascendancy in the world, what we may hear in the news truth or speculationthis book goes a long way to put things in context. I expected this to be almost a “China for Dummies” initially, but the answers and explanations he provides are on the whole quite good. Rock and Michael Toman.

Book review: ‘China in the 21st Century’, by Jeffrey Wasserstrom

Framing their answers through the historical legacies – Confucian thought, Western and Japanese imperialism, the Mao era, and the Tiananmen Square massacre – chona largely define China’s present-day trajectory, Wasserstrom and Cunningham introduce readers to the Chinese Communist Party, the building boom in Shanghai, and the environmental fallout of rapid Chinese industrialization.


Overall, China in the 21st Century: The first half of the book attempts to present contemporary China in the context of its longer history, although the pre-Maoist history is quite weak and frankly shoddy. A foolproof “Chinese history for dummies” book, it clears up misconceptions and offers a prediction of the mainland’s future. Populist Authoritarianism Wenfang Tang.

I had to read this book for a reflection paper for a course on Pacific Asian History, and I was pleasantly surprised how informative and easy to understand this book was! Ebook This title is available as an ebook. Promotions Register for a free copy of Home Essentials now. They also explain unique aspects of Chinese culture, such as the one-child policy, and provide insight into Chinese-American relations, a subject that has become increasingly fraught during the Trump era.

Just a chna while we chiha you in to your Goodreads account.

Leaving for the Rising Sun Jiang Wu. Women’s Sports Jaime Schultz.

These are books that as a librarian I would not hesitate to recommend to readers wanting to learn more on a wasseestrom. In the fully revised and updated second edition of China in the 21st Century: I was intrigued because Chinese history wasn’t something I had much exposure to.

Book review: ‘China in the 21st Century’, by Jeffrey Wasserstrom | South China Morning Post

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Campaign Finance Robert E. Schools of Thought 2. But it is handy and would make a good read on the plane going over to China.

Wasserstrom does an effective job of dipping the reader’s toes in the deep and wild waters of Chinese wawserstrom with direct and easy-to-follow information. A New History of the World.


China in the 21st Century

Intended primarily for the American reader, the book makes a number of cases for the similarity despite surface differences between the United States and modern China in their separate economic and political developments. As a whole we’ve got so mu Quick, clear, and a nice general overview. This was a very good introduction to the country of China. This book was exactly what it wanted to be – a simple condensed guide of relevant history and cultural points related to understanding China today.

Although limited at times, the book’s succinct information sets the basis for more focused, in-depth books on Chinese history.

Written in a conversational wasserwtrom for a US audience, it’s a quick read and perhaps a decent jumping-off point for someone who needs to learn a little about China in a hurry. I did learn some things, and I will continue to read and observe as we live here, putting the pieces of the whole China puzzle together one by one. China in the 21st Century: Open Preview See a Problem? He doesn’t bog the reader down with heavy details, focusing on being informative rather than be overly detailed.

Militating strongly against this eventuality is how diligently the PRC has been learning from the experiences of both Taiwan and South Korea growing middle class and how as examples wasseerstrom authoritarian states that were democratized under pressure from professional and entrepreneurs as the CCP worked tirelessly to learn how to avoid precisely these scenarios.