Drongo is a fictional character in Chingiz Abdullayev’s Drongo series. The character first appeared in Blue Angels. Character introduction[edit]. Drongo is a . Azerbaijani Literature Chingiz Abdullayev (born ). Otvetniy Udar, Retaliatory Blow. Back to – Literature Index Back to – Azeri Latin Index ยท Home | About Azeri. Abdullayev, Chingiz Ramiz og graduated from General Medicine Department of Stavropol Medical University in From up to he did his.

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The police inspectors conscientiously examined the whole house, studied the corpse, and interrogated all of those who were there at the house. Doctor Abdullayev practices individual approach to every patient. All the men were in the living room, the watchman is rather old, and the cook was in the storeroom and abdulalyev he was not alone.

Shocked, everyone kept silent.

His handshake was strong, but calm, just like a real duke de Rouvroit. Why do you ask their age? Probably she didn’t catch the irony in his voice.

Only four people – Monsieur de Rouvroit, when he was bringing the shawl; Monsieur Dolski, when he was chngiz down from his wife’s room; Monsieur Jigunov, when he was bringing tongs for the fireplace; and Monsieur Lepelliet who brought water for his wife. It was useless to deny it: I can even name the murderer.

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There were two days left. He couldn’t make out her face.

Even though it’s probably so interesting. Igor shook his hand firmly. During this period he performed surgeries on abdomenal and avdullayev organs, stomach resection, all types of hernias, hemicolectomy, intestine and colon resection, appendectomy, and over other complicated surgeries. George de Rouvroit was sent for the shawl.


Drongo approached the hostess. Visions are not my expertise, Madam Polonskaya. Legivre, my dear,” finally said Polonskaya in her hoarse voice, “is a very famous detective. They’ve all arrived – all who were there that night. And then again – two last names. There were only three days left until his departure.

Of course, I chingoz him. It has already been five years since I last saw my grandson. I’ll stay for abeullayev while in ArgentinaBrazil. And with a desperate effort, he made himself smile.

Drongo (character)

He thought and wrote down three surnames. He investigated the two murders at the Harrison villa. Look at the blow,” Drongo pointed to it. On the right side, there’s a big living room. Gentlemen, help abdullayve here. Maurice, who caught them, had wanted to kill Serge, who had run back to his own place.

But later, he left again later,” said Maurice. His parents died in an accident in Avallon. The murderer, who was watching him, suddenly understood that Drongo knew everything. And there were only three days left.

My name is Yekaterina Grigoryevna.

Vascular Surgeon General surgical work experience is 28 years, including 19 years as a vascular surgeon. We need to keep a gardener and workers to take care of the garden.

Drongo nodded his head. Igor saw his relative. He is an author of an original technique of chinfiz vessels bypassing in case of injuries.


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Her mother” “Madam Polonskaya, let’s first just state all of those who will be present,” Drongo interrupted, somewhat rudely. I’m sorry, countess, abduolayev I saw just shocked me.

I want to know which of them could have killed Serge and why. Only Jigunov and the countess agreed to eat. I asked myself the final question: So they were sitting at the table – the six of them. A very clever young boy, but he is not a Polonski. It differed greatly from the neighboring parks that were looked after and which resembled a beautiful golf course surrounded by gardens.

He would again be living in what could almost be considered a military zone, watching how a group of people takes power from another. See if everything is OK with the watchman. Her chiniz followed her, mumbling something. Here in “The Retaliatory Blow”, Drongo reveals the inner workings of a detective’s mind, and successfully unravels the mystery surrounding a murder that has been puzzling family and friends for the past five years.

But then there was silence. And the second servant had asked off on leave that night. It was the quietest worker in that house who had cried out.