Christopher Cattan Geomancy Introduction to Astrological Geomancy The 16 Geomantic Figures Asking the Question & Generating the Mothers The Geomantic. The Geomancie of Maister Christopher Cattan Gentleman – Free download AMORC Cosmic Geomancy as Used by the Veiled Prophets PDF. Christopher Cattan, The Geomancy of Master Cattan Marsillio Ficino, Three Books on Life Robert Fludd, De Geomantia Islamic folk magic & commerce.

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The Part of Fortune figures, which afterwards ye must divide into twelve parts, and that which remaineth give unto the figures.

Melvin-Koushki says that the first twelve figures Laetitia through Amissio get two letters each, and the final four Populus through Via get one letter each. This would have been company demi-simple in the original rules of company given by Cattan, but here, we can say that the inner drive of the significator and their allies are the same, though their external expression is different but aimed at the same overall goal.

Grimoires on Tape — Cattan – The Geomancie (London, )

Cattan’s work is divided into three books, being, i A treatise of the art; ii On the twelve Houses of Heaven; and iii Judgment with examples. How would vowels be handled in that system, if at all? Post a comment Name This is more a blog post of brainstorming chrisstopher exposition, so please bear with me, folks. In my past experiments with them, I kept getting garbage answers with chance results.

Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa von Nettesheim. All the querent can do in the situation is react accordingly and adjust their conceptions and perceptions of the situation, because the reality of the situation will proceed without their input regardless of their attempts. Or what if they change their name legally? You can see the different steps I took broken down by the above list fairly clearly as I did them orange, red, green, yellow, pink, blue, cyan:.

All that said, remember that the Parts can only fall in even-numbered houses.

I know that Arabic geomancy has a method to determine names, and I assume the methods are similar: The child figure in a triad represents the overall outcome of a situation or the theme of interaction between multiple parties, while the type of company or lack thereof between the parents demonstrates the support given to an outcome or means of interaction between multiple parties.


The outer element shows how the figure expresses itself in the world chrsitopher it, while the inner element shows what kind of power is in the figure itself. The simplest is that I find that it confuses the rulership system of the figures to have two co-ruling elements of a figure. Robert Fludd, Fasciculus Geomanticus, in quo varia variorum opera geomantica continentur.

Christopher Cattan

December 6, By polyphanes in cattaj Tags: Anonymous, Curieuse und ganz neue Art zu Punctiren. Neither the similarities between them nor that same chriztopher could be given to chance. Most of these are from the s through s, with very few exceptions. It serves more for rich men and magnates than for others. I talk a bit about what I think of such things in the postscript as a kind of final letting-my-hair-down moment, where I get to drop a little of the academic and technical style I use throughout the book and get a little personal in my practice.

This part is called the part of the Moon or the ascendant of the Moon, and it signifies good fortune.

Christopher Cattan – Wikipedia

Also, as one other use, I often use the Part of Spirit in readings about magical, occult, or divine ritual for the geoamncy of figuring out what particular courses of action might be best, or determining what path one ought to take, whether in a specific ritual or in a general direction.

However, note that houses I and II are in company demi-simple both Albus and Coniunctio are ruled by the planet Mercuryso wherever we see Coniunctio, geomzncy can treat it cattaj acting on behalf of John Doe. You can bet your last coin I gave a response to this, especially to that last part of the question. And if this part and the luminaries are well disposed in nativities or revolutions, it will be notably good. Regardless, this cycle is still found in many works even today as a means to predict names.

Using the above framework, I would normally say that c. The Parts are constructed points in a horoscope gemoancy on the sums and differences of other observable points e. Jean de la Taille, Deceptive Astrologer’, in J. Even then, why does the Cattan scheme double up successive letters at the end, rather than allocate sequential letters cyclicly through the alphabet?


For our purposes here, there are three types of mathematical transformations of the figures: Again, if you know the location of one, you know the location of the other. Two parents in a given triad of chrstopher Shield Chart may or may not be in company based on the qualities of the parent figures themselves. All these rules of company so far discussed are based on something structural about the figures, either the elemental structure in the first set originally based on an expansion of company capitular or the mathematical structure in the second set expanding off company compound.

No matter what the querent might attempt, the situation will continue unfolding as it will. Take the total number of single points and subtract 12; if the result is more than 12, subtract 12 again, and repeat until you have a number less than We can break down the exact nature of this support based on the type of company we find: After many charts of calculating the Part of Fortune and Index separately, I noticed a pattern emerging: A shared active line indicates an overwhelming desire chriztopher power in the method indicated by the elemental line.

However, the other types of company give us a bit more interesting stuff to chew on: Now we proceed to declare with what Planets these Figures are distributed; for hereupon all the propriety and nature of Figures and the judgement of the whole Art dependeth: The Roman script, with its awkward 26 modern letters or 23 pre-modern letters with J reduced catta I and V and W reduced into U has no such claim to occult fame, with no system of English or Roman gematria having worked well for me or for others.

The zodiacal rulership of the figures can be found in this post. Company capitular is formed when both houses have different figures ruled by different planets and are not reverses of each other, but share the same Fire line e.