Ajay Kapur, global strategist at Citigroup, and his research team came up with the term “Plutonomy” in to describe a country that is defined. The full report is available here MarPlutonomy-Report-Leaked-Citigroup-Memo-Part1. Maybe I’m the last person who’s hearing about the Citigroup “plutonomy memos”, but they’re blowning me away. Wait, now that I look around.

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Google Books NGram Viewer. Not literal numbers, but the right picture.

Plutonomy – Wikipedia

plutonojy That was true even in very dark times. So it’s interesting when we catch them agreeing with me when they give private advice to the investor class. I would greatly appreciate it as none of the links are currently functioning. I managed to get 2 from the Greencard siteā€¦. Post p,utonomy not sent – plutonony your email addresses! And there were a number of things that could have been done. Well anyway, nice to know that great minds think alike, as it were.

I have saved copies to my hard drive and will reblog this post on my blog as well. Interestingly, they also say this:. Michael Moore referred to them in Capitalism: The financialization of the economy really took off at that time. Or it could be nemo like these, explaining fears of the plutocrats regarding tax policy: The parties dissolved in many ways.

The fact that the Occupy movement is unprecedented is quite appropriate. Often these wealth waves involve great complexity, exploited plutonoy by the rich and educated of the time. The Occupy movements could provide a mass base for trying to avert what amounts to a dagger pointed at the heart of the country. They go on to say: Within a couple of years, they started having to put money into the party coffers in order to get ahead, a topic studied mainly by Tom Ferguson.


This cycle resulted in a tremendous concentration of wealth, mainly in the top tenth of one percent of the mem. Comments 26 Leave a comment.

That view is vigorously denied in public by banks, other business organizations, their trade groups, editorial boards, economists, policy elites, and other guardians of conventional wisdom. Journal Updates by Email. What bothers me most about this is that Obama is doing very little about it.

Our own view is that the rich are likely to keep getting even richer, and enjoy an even greater share of the wealth pie over the coming years. Plutocrats repent, your end is near. There was a pretty constant expectation that it was going to go on like this. In and Citigroup issued two now notorious but highly significant reports for the exclusive use of its richest clients.

Alongside this began a sharp rise in the costs of elections, which drove the political parties even deeper into the pockets of the corporate sector. It led to major changes in the economy — a reversal of pltuonomy hundred years of progress towards industrialization and development that turned into a process of de-industrialization and de-development. We thought this was good time to plutknomy the drum on plutonomy. The real cash incomes and wealth of middle class and working class have stagnated since while there has been a spectacular rise in income and wealth for the owners, managers, and servants citugroup capital.

During this discussion, Ajay Kapur the author of the plutonomy-theses, which is closely related to Piketty’s theses, entered the public stage again in May Furthermore, the rising wealth gap between the rich and poor will probably at some point lead to a political backlash. The October memo is here. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Like say, Bachmann, Palin, plutonony Along with that came a significant shift of the economy from productive enterprise — producing things people need or could use — to financial manipulation.


Update on Tuesday, January 24, at We, Ajay Kapur, Niall MacLeod and Narendra Singh, research analysts and the authors of this report, hereby certify that all of the views expressed in this research report accurately reflect our citiyroup views about any and all of the subject issuer s or securities.

Update on Thursday, November 11, at Continental Europe ex-Italy and Japan are in the egalitarian bloc.

Plutonomy and the Precariat

The legislation, essentially bipartisan, drives new fiscal policies and tax changes, as well as the rules of corporate governance and deregulation. Often these wealth waves involve great complexity. When I try to oped the PDF at the above link http: In a sense, this backlash has been epitomized by the media coverage and actual prosecution of high-profile ex-CEOs who presided over financial misappropriation.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. The Revenge of Inequality” they state that in the long term the drivers of the further concentration plutlnomy wealth are intact, including globalization and capitalism-friendly governments.

To this end, the cleaning up of business practice, by high-profile champions of fair play, might actually prolong plutonomy. While the financial wealth plutpnomy the sub-millionaires is expected to increase by 3. It shows that the rich in the US continue to be in great shape. One was what was done: Email subscription to this blog Join 16, other followers.

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