Cheikh Anta Diop was considered to be one of the greatest scholars to emerge in the African .. ican colleagues. His last major work, Civilisation ou Barbarie, is. INTERVIEW WITH CHEIKH ANTA DIOP CSF: In Civilisation ou Barbarie you touched upon many areas that deal with the influence of Egypt on world. Civilisation ou barbarie by Cheikh Anta Diop, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Afrocentrism is more properly associated with Dr. Yurco note that among peoples outside Egypt, the Nubians were closest ethnically to the Egyptians, shared the same culture in the predynastic period, and used the same pharaonoic political structure.

Instead he views the Greeks as forming part of a “northern cradle”, distinctively growing out of certain climatic and cultural conditions. The linguistic research of Diop and his school have been criticised by Henry Tourneax, a linguist specialising in the Fula language.

Cheikh Anta Diop – Wikipedia

So pages and all other linguistic information may appear meaningless civilisatikn hard to follow. Diop’s arguments to place Egypt in the cultural and genetic context of Africa met a wide range of condemnation and rejection. Cheikh Anta Diop never said he was an “Afrocentist”. You can view this on the NLA website.

More contemporary critics assert that notions of the Sahara as a dominant barrier in isolating sub-Saharan populations are both flawed and simplistic in broad historical context, given the constant movement of people over time, the fluctuations of climate over time the Sahara was once very fertileand the substantial representation of “sub Saharan” traits in the Nile Valley among people like the Badari.

Diop’s theory on variability is also supported by a number of scholars mapping human genes using modern DNA analysis.


He claimed this put African historical linguistics on a secure basis for the first time. Keita and Kittles argue that modern DNA analysis points to the need for more ciilisation on clinal variation and gradations that are more than adequate to explain differences between peoples rather than pre-conceived racial clusters.

Civilisation ou barbarie

These researchers hold that they too often rely on a stereotypical conception of pure or distinct races that then go on to intermingle. Catalogue Persistent Identifier https: Finally, Schur argued that, if the human species originated in Africa and it created human language, then all human languages have an African origin and are therefore related.

He holds that the range of peoples and phenotypes under the designation “negre” included those with a wide range of physical variability, from light brown skin and aquiline noses to jet black skin and frizzy hair, well within the diversity of peoples of the Nilotic region. He also stated that opponents were hypocritical in stating that the race of Egyptians was not important to define, but they did not hesitate to introduce race under new guises. Most anthropologists see commonalities in African culture but only in a very broad, generic sense, intimately linked with economic systems, etc.

It’s a good easy to read and understand book. Diop’s work has posed important questions cjvilisation the cultural bias inherent in scientific research. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. On a bigger scale, the debate reflects the growing movement to minimize race as a biological construct in analyzing the origins of human populations. He ultimately translated parts of Einstein ‘s Theory of Relativity into his native Wolof. Views Read Edit View history.

The Domains of Patriarchy and of Matriarchy in Classical Antiquity,[60] [61] These concepts can civilsation summarized as follows:. However, from the s archaeologists and historians re-discovered such past African achievements as Great Zimbabweand from the s linguists started to demonstrate the flaws in the hypothesis. While acknowledging that the ancient Egyptian population was mixed, a fact confirmed by all the anthropological analyses, writers nevertheless speak of an Egyptian race, linking it barbwrie a well-defined human type, the white, Hamitic branch, also called Caucasoid, Mediterranean, Europid or Eurafricanid.

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His interpretation of anthropological data such as the role of matriarchy and archeological data led him to conclude that Egyptian culture was a Black African culture. Diop was not talking about modern Egypt. He was keenly aware of the difficulties that such a scientific effort would entail and warned that “It was particularly necessary to avoid the pitfall of facility.

Civilization or Barbarism: An Authentic Anthropology

A number of individuals such as US college professor Leonard Jeffries [98] have advanced a more chauvinist view, citing Diop’s work.

A book chapter by archeologist Kevin MacDonald, published inargued that there is little basis for positing a close connection between Dynastic Egypt and the African interior. By Diop’s party working on the cheukh enumerated in Black Africa: Cheikh Anta Diop University of Dakar.

Nov 04, Khemauset Ankh rated it it was amazing. In it he argues that only a united and federated African state will be able to overcome underdevelopment. He suggests that the peoples of the Nile Valley were one regionalized population, sharing a number of genetic and cultural traits.

The Cultural Unity of Black Africa: Byron Price rated it it was amazing Apr 02, Can I view this online?