Voided biaxial slabs are reinforced concrete slabs in which voids reduce the amount of concrete. While concrete has been used for thousands of years, the use. Cobiax [1] slabs contain synethic void forming modules making slabs up to 35% lighter. This has a huge benefit for floor slabs in buildings as. efficient economic sustainable lightweight concrete slabs. Germany. Heinze Cobiax Deutschland GmbH. Otto-von-Guericke-Ring D Wiesbaden.

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Green Technology | Tiong Seng Holdings

A story that is having a considerable effect on the building methods of the 21 st Century. In many cases, the limited depth required for the slab, means that more storeys become possible.

This section possibly contains original research. All tested buildings are slaab safe, and are reopened. This not only facilitates the smooth running of the construction process. Possibility to gain floors at the same building height towers and building volume.

Traditionally, Cobiax void formers are incorporated into the building process on the construction site in-situ concreteaccording to the construction requirements. Slimmer building elements The reduced load enables the use of more delicate, elegant building elements. They determine the division of the building into individual rooms or at least dictate the structure of the aesthetic impression.

Improved acoustic behaviour Thanks to the increased vobiax of the lower and upper slabs, alab transmittancy is decreased. Reduction in the number of pillars. No beams between pillars. The limited thickness of the slabs is advantageous for the planning of the foundations and substructures: The main obstacle with concrete constructions, in case of horizontal slabs, is the high weight, which limits the span.

  GSAK 101 PDF

Leave out as much concrete as possible whilst maintaining the full flexural strength of the slab and allowing a bi-axial load transfer.

Voided biaxial slab

Never miss out on any news again. In principle, voided biaxial slabs act like solid slabs. Focus has been on biaxial slabs and ways to reduce the weight. With Cobiax technologies, these beam constructions are no longer necessary — building time is cobkax and the building can be put into operation sooner. A building that is lighter and slimmer overall, can be planned. Click on the button below to register for our newsletter. All of the Cobiax products are easy to lay; the Cobiax CLS technology considerably reduces the need for reinforcement.

According to the contractor this may be caused due to the high temperatures coiax construction. Economical and easy to transport, alab and store, also outdoors.

The system could be done by ordinary labors of the general contractor.

Open spaces Larger spaces. As a s,ab biaxial slab with spheres only acts like a solid slab, the fire resistance is just a matter of the amount of concrete layer.

The voided biaxial slabs technology is directly incorporated in international standards as the Eurocodes, and various national codes such as the CUR in the Netherlands. Hence, the slab is fully functional with regards to both positive and negative bending. Slab thickness from 40 to 60 cm.


Voided Concrete Slabs

Building with Cobiax always means making a commitment to future-oriented solutions in the area of resource conservation and sustainability. Advances in building technology should never be at the expense of safety.

With Cobiax voided flat plate slabs, earthquake sla is easier; the reduced moving load is dynamically more tolerant than a conventionally designed building.

The Cobiax advantage for builders Reduction of costs Slabs, walls, columns and foundations can be optimised for the reduced load-bearing capacity — they are lighter and smaller, and therefore cheaper. No need for special trained staff or waiting specialized sub-contractors.

Flexible Span up to 20 m. Higher profitability In many cases, the limited depth required for the slab, means that more storeys become possible. The established codes for the structural dimensioning of traditional concrete flat plate slabs are compatible with the Cobiax flat slabs. Void formers — positioned between the bottom and spab rein- forcement layers — displace concrete.