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I put it down not to pick back up for more than a year at which point I decided to read up to page But it is Ignatius–selfish, domineering, and deluded, tragic and comic and larger than life–who carries the story. What Conmura viewed as a miss may have been because the bar was so high.

All the characters with whom Ignatius has come into contact come together in a night of comedic chaos that may well determine Ignatius’ fate. Irene begins to think that the only way to save Ignatius from himself is to have him committed to a hospital for the mentally ill. Because the first thing I did after shelling out money on yet another Apple product, aside from blowing more than half of my monthly data allotment on downloading selections from my iTunes library before even leaving the Verizon store, was put the Kindle app on my as-of-yet unnamed phone.

Ignatius Reilly is a man at odds with the modern world. Their letters are strokes of narrative brilliance, offering a richly suggested history between the two: It starts at a fund-raising party in an apartment, then it goes into the streets of this home of the Mardi Gras, a Carnival-esque city of vice, and then finally to the strip joint, “Night of Joy”.

It is not that Ignatius hasn’t had his chance at love, Myrna Minkoff, that “little minx” as he calls her, has attempted to bed him on more than one occasion, while they both attended college in New Orleans. Crumb cartoon you would not be far off. Momento en el que, como dice su protagonista, Fortuna hace girar su rueda hacia abajo y nunca sabemos cual es la desagradable sorpresa que nos depara el destino. I’m very curious about how close this book was to his own life, as you could not draft these characters without some very specific models.


I’m actually not sure if that was sarcasm, either. Feb 13, Lisa rated it it was ok Shelves: Reading this book, I got the sense that Toole really thought himself a genius — one destined to be misunderstood. When I pontificate about the virtue …more This book is so vivid that you can practically smell New Orleans.

The watermark for comic literature. Su calidad literaria es sencillamente brillante. In a short lived relationship with some black workers from a pants factory he discovered that they were striving for the wrong things. A Confederacy of Dunces is a masterpiece in that it absolutely achieves — with great skill — exactly what it sets out to achieve.

A Confederacy of Dunces

On the Southern L Some of the characters we meet: Ignatius ends his journey with the most romantic thing he could say to reconcile with Myrna: Overall, I strongly disliked the book. So it may be that my own mental state wasn’t configured for the proper appreciation of this sour brew of absurd, misanthropic humor, but I pretty much disliked it from the outset. Sep 30, Sarah rated it really liked it Shelves: This book is funny. By the end, Mrs. John Kennedy Toole John Kennedy Toole had an unhappy life and took his own life, unfortunately, before Ignatius was ever realized by the reading public.

I can not imagine why. En el camino Jack Kerouac.

Look at those sales figures! That was when I noticed that the book he had been reading was A Confederacy of Dunces. There was minimal description of scene and action.

Most overrated book ever. My God, if I’d only persevered for another year or so, I’d have been rich!

Description Classic novel by JKT, with this book he became one of the greatest american novelists and won The Pullitzer prize with it too. Through his efforts, the novel was published by LSU Press.


La Conjura De Los Necios : John Kennedy Toole :

That was probably what was wrong with him. I’ve reached the last page once more. I’m the kind of person who feels uncomfortable when characters in books or movies are staunchly positioned under a storm cloud of shitty luck and proceed to have misfortune rained upon them to an allegedly humorous effect: Infuences Much has been written about the influences on the novel.

After our book club disassembled, I toloe hear from Colin for awhile. Failing to negotiate his way through the debauchery, Ignatius ends up ejected and dejected in the street, where he is almost run over by the reality of a city bus.

La Conjura de Los Necios

I had no idea that little valve could be so pesky. Reader, I hated him. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. He is a modern-day Quixote beset by giants of the modern age.

A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole

Conjkra hated him in bed, on the couch, in other people’s cars, while waiting at everything from the grocery store to the dentist’s office to the gas station, I hated him in a variety of locations to rival Dr.

I re-read Confederacy piecemeal on my grinding morning commutes last fall. Toole’s students would have had tears in their eyes. It is funny, sometimes uproariously so, and I smiled and chuckled throughout. I’ve come to realize that, for me, a mere “liked it” is usually the most apologetic rating. It appears more battered than when I last read it. This is amazing and you should read it now because it’s incredibly unique and memorable.