Never connect the Coralife Cone Skimmer to any power source while hands are Place Round Diffuser Sponge into Sump. (). 4. Collection Cup. Assembly. Water NOTE: Initial operation of protein skimmer may produce excess bubbles . Hi, Does anyone know where I can download coralife super skimmer 65 manual? just bought a used CSS and doesn’t have the manual. The Coralife Super Skimmer includes a Needle-Wheel Water Pump. Patented Needle-Wheel System with aspirating venturi; User Manual (pdf file in new.

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I had this skimmer quite a few years ago. If you would like to read the review then here is that thread. I have just installed this skimmer for the 65 gal. I had mine setup in the sump at frist but read some of the post about it working better as HOB so I removed it and followed the setup that was in the instruction for the HOB.

This is far too deep to get proper bubble production. Thanks for starting up this thread Lam.

Modifing the Coralife Super Skimmer CSS – Tyler Merrick

The unit is fixed to the back of the tank by 2 plastic screws. Since the skimmer is an up, over and zkimmer feed, try to have the pump as high to the sump surface level as you can. Send to friend Reviews. Cut the flexible output tube so that it is NOT submerged in the water.

The way you wrote your email I understand that you are probably having water come out the air vent on top of the output tubing. Works a treat now. Find More Posts by d Ok here are the specs. I just wish they were a few inches taller in the activation chamber.


Because of the sheer size of our forum, we’ve been forced to limit selling and trading to members who’ve met a couple of criteria. Find More Posts by ActinopteryGuy. To make maters worse, the skimmer came to me without the adjustment valve that hooks up to the pump that is sosposed to be used to the break in period. The pump needs to be within 2 inches of the waters surface, measured from the top of the pump.

Yes cut the tube and place the pump as near to the surface as possible. Has anyone tried putting a surface skimmer on theirs yet? The stock tube is too long and it reaches it all the way to the bottom of the diffuser box, causing massive back-pressure and tons of bubbles to flow into the tank. I adjusted the knob by the exhaust tube a little at a time, all the way for the lowest setting all the way to the highest setting on.

Find More Posts by Frank-n-Tank. I also put airline hose over the nipple- so it got rid of the sound immediately Several people, including Anthony Calfo, suggest keeping the skimmer pump as close to the surface as possible.

I just wanted to make sure thats what a skimmer would look like while breaking in. The valve fits between the pump and the clean tubing but is not necessary unless you are coralige too much flow from the return.

The Coralife Protein Skimmers Review

Use of this web site is subject to the terms and conditions described in the user agreement. The water level in the skimmer body is as low as it can go and it is still overflowing. I also drilled out that little hole on the output tube a little bigger.


The unit is made of polycarbonate plastic. But less of it. The white filter definitely gets clogged easily. Since protein skimmers are not pressurized system the only way for water to get out is through the collection cup.

This tube would be 30ish inches long.

I find the red valve to be super-sensitive, and it took about 4 days of adjustments to get the skimmer working, without frequent major water intakes into collection cup. Setup for a protein skimmer? I would put a longer tube siper the powerhead to the skimmer to extend it into the inlet compartment. Also that I only upgraded my tank a week ago can have an affect on the skimmer. This helped at a lot with the splashing sound and used the air tube pointed back to the tank in case form gets blocked and the water raise in the diffuser and submarge the return tube and create a back pressure and force water out of the hole on top of the return and spill onto the carpet.

I had mine unleveled and it leaked at the adjustment knob and didnt skim. Hang-on Tank Mount or Sump Hook-up.