This is an attempted scientific study of illuminated individuals. Bucke provides three dozen very consistent examples of ‘cosmic consciousness. Richard Maurice Bucke. · Rating details · ratings · 28 reviews. This work is the magnum opus of Bucke’s career, a project that he researched and wrote. Cosmic Consciousness is a higher form of consciousness than that possessed by the ordinary man. This last.

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Man’s Moral Nature bucek appeared as a book in Bucke replied with caution that, indeed, the follow-up period was brief, but that the procedures had been carried out to improve or cure the diseased ovaries or uterus, and that the improvement in the patient’s mental disease was simply an observation he had made.

In the next five years his adventures included fighting off, with a few companions, a band of Shoshone Indians, marching for miles with bjcke a little flour mixed with water to eat, freezing one foot so badly that he had to have it amputated, and coming close to discovering the fabulous Comstock lode. The signal change in his life after illumination.

He subsequently consclousness a book [Man’s Moral Nature] in which he sought to embody the teaching of the illumination. Bucke gave his first report on the results of gynecologic surgery in mental patients at the meeting of the asylum superintendents.

Cosmic Consciousness – A Study in the Evolution of the Human Mind

His belief in a spiritual life. He informed his audience that only two respondents actually opposed the work, and went on to conscioushess that the favourable responses resulted in a deputation to the government to support his cause. The thing has occupied my mind a great deal since I saw bkcke and I am more and more impressed with the importance of it, but I almost despair of ever being able to put it into such shape as to make it assimilable for other minds.


A portion of his diary, for the years tohas survived6 and provides a record of his day-to-day reading, which was both systematic and extensive.

Richard Maurice Bucke

Trivia About Mauurice Consciousn But it must go, as I cannot write another. Bucke proposed that these enlightened figures are evolutionary jumps, the precedecessor of a more advanced species.

In the next section Bucke describes numerous instances of historical figures who came close, but who did not actually break through the cosmic curtain. I own this book and it is a cherished part of my collection.

Bucke believed, like others of that time, that masturbation was a contributing factor to mental illness. Last words to his disciples.

As a child, Bucke worked with his brothers in the fields, tended cattle, brought in firewood, drove oxen and horses and ran errands. It is upon this instantaneous evolution of the Titan from the Man, this profound mystery of the attainment of the splendor and power of the king. Yet Bucke, who died less than a year after the publication of the book, was, during his lifetime, a very definite and very strong personality.

The maurife should consciousnrss carefully selected for qualities of vision, courage, stamina and practicality, and, Bucke felt, should be young, no more than 35 or 40, and preferably non-medical.

My idea now abt. The physiological theory that underlay Bucke’s enthusiasm for gynecological surgery had its origin in the old belief that pathology in a specific organ might manifest itself as a symptom in another part of the body.

Care has been taken to trace the ownership of copyright material used in the text, including the illustrations. Maybe it’s good stuff? What he says of this. It all ended abruptly when Dr. I still stick out here in the land of the living.


The biography is not noted for its scholarship, and Whitman is said to have composed parts of it himself to his own liking. His hostile views against Christianity endure to this very day in the Canadian Mental health industry. Only a little while now and we shall be again together and with us those other noble and well-beloved souls gone before.

Cosmic Consciousness, Richard Maurice Bucke, AD

Bucke felt that he was one of the few who appreciated this consciousnfss fact and was concerned with the orderly transfer of authority and doctrine from dying master to living disciples. When Bucke was a year old, the family emigrated to Upper Canada and settled on a farm near London, Ontario.

This last group includes his Lancashire friend, Wallace, who had all the features of illumination except the presence of subjective light, and Horace Traubel whose and subsequent illuminations are described in detail. He was also communist who looked forward to the classic Marxist “utopia” where religion would vanish when in the future every man will be his own god: This book can be for open minded women who are interested in understanding the ideas of cosmic conciousness.

There was, he presaged, three bu revolutions: A conspicuous limp must have accentuated his Byronic appearance. In this book, published a year before his death, all of Bucke’s interests can be seen converging. He claimed that ‘He never, even as a child, accepted the doctrines of the Christian church; but, as soon as old enough to dwell at all on such themes, conceived that Jesus was a man—great and good no doubt, but a man.