Counterinsurgency Warfare: Theory and Practice [David Galula, David Galula] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Back in print after almost. This monograph describes the nature and dynamics of insurgency and counterinsurgency (COIN) operations citing David Galula’s theory. In his book. WARFARE. Theory and Practice. David Galula. Foreword by John A. Nagl. PSI Classics of the Counterinsurgency Era. Praeger Security International. Westport.

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Aug 27, Nick Lloyd rated it really liked it Shelves: Lieutenant Colonel Galula’s reputation, which I had believed before reading this book to have counterinsurgendy somewhat over-inflated of late, was apparently well earned. It’s a lucid, engaging and clear book that in spite of being short, explains in a precise and detailed way the whole process of conformation and countrrinsurgency of an armed insurgency and everything related to its natural reaction; the counterinsurgency.

Having developed a strategic base for counterinsurgency, Galula turns his attention to tactics.

He died in of lung cancer. As such, the first area should be viewed as a test area in which policy is adapted to galhla reaction of the population.

The results speaks for itself: Books by David Galula. The theories in this work are not rocket science since many people must understand and work together to accomplish the different phases of counterinsurgency. Views Read Edit View history.


From the “father” of COIN doctrine. Galula’s theories, developed as an observer of the Chinese Revolution ofand as a participant in France’s counterinsurgency in Algeria,formed the basis for US counterinsurgency efforts in Vietnam. Indirect Action Against the Insurgent. Strategy of the Counterinsurgency. Such support is most readily obtained from an active minority. In fact, well written and directed propaganda is more useful that well directed bullets.

Win over or suppress the last insurgent remnants. Gradual Transition from Peace to War. Trinquier tends to focus on the tactical and counterinsurbency level, and although he acknowledges the importance of politics in counterinsurgency, he tends to address military issues.

Why I finished it: Insurgents also decide when and where the conflict will begin, since they become insurgents through their own contentious actions. A victory is that plus the permanent isolation of the insurgent from the population, isolation not enforced upon the population, but maintained by and with the population.

Counterinsurgency Warfare: Theory and Practice

Heavily colored by the experience of the early Cold War, communism and decolonization, some of his prescriptions might sit awkwardly on the page of modern analysis, yet there is much that remains relevant and true. Very interesting use of historical examples.

There he continued his warm relationship with Jacques Guillermazan officer from an old French military family with whom he had served in France.

Consequently, propaganda is a powerful weapon for him. But Galula also got a lot of other stuff right, and he deserves credit for his insights.


Aside from redefining a priori limitations to military engagements, Galula ingeniously prescribes new develop In Counterinsurgency Warfare: Counterinsurgenfy 24, Mscout rated it really liked it Shelves: It is a protracted struggle conducted methodically in order to attain intermediary goals with an eventual aim of overthrowing the existing power structure.

Reading it, so much of what Galula talks about seems so obvious now, but counterknsurgency only stands as evidence of how seminal a book it is in the field.

Counterinsurgency Warfare: Theory and Practice by David Galula

Contents Revolutionary War Nature and Characteristics. This ensures that soldiers do not have to constantly relearn the cultural nuances of a local area. Dec 12, Ayushman rated it it was amazing. The book is well written and informative, but military theory isolated from particular wars and situations comes across as generic and too lacking in detail. David Galula — was a French military officer and scholar who was influential in developing the theory and practice of counterinsurgency warfare.

Galula’s laws thus take at face value and recognize the importance of the aphorism, based on the ideas of Mao, that “The people are the sea in which the revolutionary swims.