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Synonyms and antonyms of transformateur in the French dictionary of synonyms. Protection system according to one of the preceding claims, xours comprising a fault detection system, and a short-circuiting device 10 having: The locking device 13 is hinged in rotation with respect to the support 20 about a first transverse axis Y1 substantially perpendicular to the longitudinal direction X, between a normal locking position shown in the figures and a release position not shown in the figures.

As shown in Figure 1, the defect detection system 30 advantageously comprises three tranformateur outlined above.

Transformateur Triphasé Monophasé Android App – Online App Creator

The upper terminal a tube is a socket. Each fuse encloses a rigid conductive element of the electrical current between the two conductive ends and placed transformayeur mechanical tension by an internal spring not visible. The present invention relates to protection systems for a polyphase electrical transformer and an electrical transformer comprising such a protection system. The second switch comprises an upstream and a downstream terminal a b terminal.

Meaning of “transformateur” in the French dictionary

As can be seen in Figure 2, each fuse 8, 9 comprises two conductive ends, the upstream terminals 8a, 9a and downstream terminals 8b, 9b an insulating outer casing 8c, 9c in the form of a tube. The finger can be easily used to control mechanical devices inside the tank 2 of the electrical transformer 1, and in particular for mechanically controlling the disconnect device 5 of the protection system. The third switch terminal includes an upstream and a dw terminal a b.

The locking device 13 comprises: With this arrangement, it is possible to limit the risks of internal fault and it is easier to achieve effective electrical isolation of the internal components of the electrical transformer 1. Load a random word. Protection system according to claim 1 or claim 2 35, wherein each fuse 8, 9 comprises a firing pin adapted to control the dispositifde blocking 13 when said fuse is activated when an electrical current of the phase of said fuse exceeds a predetermined electric current.


Also denominate in the remainder of the 30 normal description a state of an element as when installing the transformer in normal operation. The rear face 13a is adapted to be pushed in the longitudinal direction X by one of the transfofmateur 8d, 9d 20 impactorsso that the dee device 13 tilts about the first axis Y1 between the locking position and the release position when one of said finger moves in the longitudinal direction X.

French words that begin with tra.

The safety device 7 is thus located downstream of said disconnect device 5. For this purpose, an aforementioned type of protection system is characterized in that at least one of said phases is free of fuse and disconnect device is adapted so that the disconnect member of the free phase of the status flip-flop fuse connected to the disconnected state after the other phases.

La borne amont 6-la du tube est une fiche femelle. In this way, the disconnection bodies 6 can change state rapidly with little effort.

The present invention aims to provide a protection system transformxteur a polyphase electrical transformer with fewer components, thus less expensively, transformaeur ensuring a high level of security. Distribution transformer, has disconnection system with disconnecting switch, short circuit and micro-fuse that are placed in water tight dielectric liquid retention container placed in transformer.

The third cable has a stranded between the third lever arm and the end corresponding to the terminal b with a length similar to the strands of other cables.

exercices de systeme triphase et transformateur et redressement

In transfomateur, the disconnection elements 6 are designed so as to change state at different instants of time as a single command of the locking device 13 for the locking device 13 can be operated with low mechanical stress and very quickly. Each cable comprises two ends and an intermediate portion between said ends, said intermediate portion being fixed to a lever arm.

The first switch hriphas a terminal 30 upstream couurs 6-terminal downstream and a 6-lb. Device for tdansformateur the protection of an electrical installation against voltage surges. The fault detector 17 to ground will detect a leakage current to earth by measuring a ground current. Protection system according to claim 1, wherein the disconnection device 5 is upstream of the safety device 7. Protection system according to one of claims 8 to 10, wherein the resilient member 21 is a torsion spring having one arm 21a bearing against the support, another branch 21c bearing against the trigger, and at least one winding 21b about the second transverse axis Y2.


Lightning arrester device allowing an external short-circuiting and corresponding protection assembly. Le dispositif de blocage 13 comporte: A magnetic circuit not shown magnetically couples the primary windings 11 and secondary 12 to perform the voltage conversion.

Device for protecting against voltage surges with improved capacity for securing by disconnection and corresponding method. These elements are readily isolated electrically. This level detector is placed in the upper part of the tank 2 of the transformer to ensure that all internal elements of the transformers should be properly insulated by the liquid dielectric.

The conductive element is activated, that is to say, broken, when the electrical current through the fuse exceeds a predetermined current. An independent claim is also included for a polyphase electric transformer comprising a tank. The disconnection bodies 6 are normally initially in the connected state. Tripping circuit with test circuit and selfprotected remote control for opening.

Tension transitoire de rétablissement

If the level is below a predetermined level, the level detector 15, 35 controls the short-circuit device 10 to a closed state wherein the cous 8b and 9b are electrically connected. French words that begin with tr. French words that begin cojrs t.

With these arrangements, the protection system of polyphase electrical transformer is less expensive, reliable and offers all the security for the power grid to which the power adapter is connected. Dans une commutatrice, l’nergie est transmise de manire mcanique entre une gnratrice et un moteur lectrique.