Parce mihi Domine. Cristóbal de Morales & Jan Garbarek & The Hilliard Ensemble. Show performers. COMPOSER: Cristóbal de Morales. PERFORMER: Jan. The BBC artist page for Cristóbal de Morales. Find the Cristóbal de Morales Biography (Wikipedia) Officium defunctorum for 4 voices: ‘Parce mihi Domine’. Parce mihi, Domine. composer. Cristóbal de Morales (c). author of text . Bible Produced by Isabella de Sabata Engineered by Mike Hatch & Hugh.

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Pastores, dicite, quidnam vidistis for 4 voices.

All that pagce known about his family is that he had a sister, and that his father died moeales to his sister’s marriage in In addition, he wrote a Missa pro defunctis a Requiem mass. Tomas Luis de Victoria: Added, go to My Music to see full list. He made severe demands on the singers crishobal his employ, alienated employers, and likely came across as arrogant. Pastores dicite, quidnam vidistis Composer. Magnificat primi toni Composer.


Late in life he wrote in a sober, heavily homophonic style, but all through his life he was a careful craftsman who considered the expression and understandability of the text to be the highest artistic goal. Magnificat octavi toni Composer. The melody is arranged so that it is clearly audible in every movement, usually in the highest voice, giving the work considerable stylistic and motivic unity.

Parce mihi Domine from the Officium Defunctorum. Performances Popular All Recommended.

Jubilate Deo Composer. Santa Maria, succurre miseris Composer.

Opera varia (Morales, Cristóbal de)

Choir of Clare College, Cambridge. Show more Show less. Retrieved from ” https: Requiem Aeturnam from ‘Missa Pro Defunctis’. Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert.

La Capella Reial de Catalunya. Sign in to the BBC, or Register.

While he was renowned by this time as one of the greatest composers in Europe, he seems to have been unpopular as an employee, for he began to have difficulty finding and keeping positions. O magnum mysterium Composer. Its peculiarities of transmission, as well as its apparent incomplete editing, suggest that it may be his last work.


Almost all of his music is sacred, and all of it is vocal, though instruments may have been used in an accompanying role in performance. Pastores, dicite, quidnam vidistis for 4 voices Performer. A Valentine with a difference: In spite of this, he was regarded as one of the finest composers in Europe around the middle of the 16th century.

Cristóbal de Morales – Concerts, Biography & News – BBC Music

Pastores dicite, quidnam vidistis. Pastores, dicite, quidnam vidistis? Add “Radio 3 Breakfast: Santa Maria, succurre miseris. Died 27 September The Early Music Show.

Parce mihi Domine Composer.