Dr. SUSAN ELIAS. CS. CS OPERATING SYSTEMS LAB. Mr. R. RAMAKRISHNAN. CS. CS WEB TECHNOLOGY LAB. Ms. V. RAJALAKSHMI. Download file Free Book PDF Lab Manual For Web Technology at. Complete PDF Cs Web Technology Lab Manual WordPress com. online Anna University Lab Manual For Web Technology file PDF Book LAB MANUAL REGULATION Cs Web Technology Lab.

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Create an instance of an Image class by calling the createImage method of the Image class. Best Airlines’ network covers Singapore in the East and Kuwait in the west and connects 18 destinations abroad.

With a staff of over thousand, Indian Airlines offers services which are simply technolohy and quite unmatched. Calculator All field are required, however, if you forget any, we will put a random number in for you. Simulation of Authentication and encryption technique used in GSM 9.

Thus the web page for student profile has been developed and validated successfully. Javascript for displaying date and comparing two dates.

Cs Web Technology Lab Manual – Free Download PDF

Many profile are available. Right click on it, a pop up menu appears. Profiles are implemented upon a particular configuration. To create Sample web application development in the open source environment. An instance of a ChoiceGrioup class can be of two types: Since its very inception Indian Airlines has been setting standards for civil aviation.

Html registration Enter Id: Inside the asp definiton tag include the html contents Step3: Any derived class instance of the Item class can be placed on the instance of Form class.


All you need to do is make a small site even one page which tells people a bit about your website.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. The Display class hierarchy is shown below: With many first in its credit, Indian Airlines has been feeding both the lavish and economical requirements of passengers across the globe.

Cs9228 Web Technology Lab Manual

Fusce quis velit eu felis vestibulum scelerisque. Check whether the nick name is used as a password or not. CDC devices are set-top box, Home appliances such as Air conditioner etc.

The private data member are initialized 5.

Start the program Step 2: WML provides a simple event mechanism that allows different content to be displayed. Start the program Step2: A MIDlet is classtechnoloy is controlled by the application manager.

Over the past technologj months new WAP Wireless Applications Protocol phones have become extremely popular and many large websites have created special ‘mobile’ versions of their site.

First parameter is the reference to the image that you want to display. From the root element get all employee elements. In the name field, ensure that it should allow only the capital letters.

Destroy mabual is also called allocate and reallocate and notify the destroyed function. Execute the program in Internet Explorer. For example, it would not be too advantageous for a x60 pixel banner to be loaded into the small screen of a WAP device, due to size, color and bandwidth restraints.

Thus the developing XML program has been executed successfully.

To create a calculator web appliction using php. Write the source code for connectivity.

To write the program for implementing the system timer entry using J2ME Algorithm: This provide manuxl flexibility than the static content that HTML can deliver. Get a list of employee elements from the DOM Step3: Thus the servlet program has been created and validated successfully.


Mobile Computing Lab Manual for Final Information Technology – VII Semester – [DOC Document]

Creation of XML document for a specific domain. Get the response from the user by entering the password field. In the event handler create the employee object Step3: Phasellus congue justo quis leo. Thus the program for implementing the calendar in mobile was successfully executed and verified. To write the program for implementing the calculator entry using J2ME Algorithm: Using phone calendar as constructor the required functions are called.

Import the package word for maual application 2. Your interesting Air Travel Curabitur mi nibh, cursus vel, laoreet sit amet, aliquet sit amet, justo. Validate the date of birth that should be in date format dd-mmyy or not.

The advantage of the WML language is the fact that, mnual it is mwnual subset of XML, developer’s can easily technoogy two birds with one stone by building both the web page and wireless device page simultaneously. Curabitur mi nibh, cursus vel, laoreet sit amet, aliquet sit amet, justo. Check whether the radio button has been already checked or not. Import the packages for the execution of the program 2. For each employee element get the id, name, age and type.