An up-to-date, searchable edition of the Idrimi inscription together with numerous The project is a sub-project of the Munich Open-access Cuneiform Corpus. The Cuneiform Dictionary project, TCD allows to search and find any cunefiorm sign in less than 15 seconds. Author(s): Pompeo, Massimo. URL. The Cuneiform Commentaries Project is funded by Yale University () and the National Endowment for the Humanities Search the catalogue.

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Project directed by Niek Veldhuis. Offers searchable editions of texts, divided into sub-projects some of which also include contextual information and interpretations.

This project provides editions and translations for cuneiform technological recipes. Links to other sources: An open source project for collecting and browsing cuneiform tablets in transliteration. Escobar at UC Berkeley. Palace and Temple Administration The text editions from the book F.

The Cuneiform Dictionary

Official Inscriptions of the Middle East in Antiquity OIMEA, with its multi-project search engine, enables users to simultaneously search the translations, transliterations, cunejform catalogues of multiple Oracc projects on which official inscriptions are edited.

Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Royal Inscriptions An annotated, grammatically and morphologically analyzed, transliterated, trilingual Sumerian-English-Hungarianparallel corpus of all Sumerian royal inscriptions.


Ashurbanipal and Successors The official inscriptions of the Assyrian kings Ashurbanipal —ca. Matt Stolper from his now-defunct Achaemenid Royal Inscriptions project. Editions and translations of cunieform cuneiform sign lists from the middle of the third millennium B.

The Melammu Project

The text editions from the book R. The texts include Assyrian and Babylonian tablets that provide instructions for producing glass that imitates precious stones and procedures for processing perfumed oils. Imperial Administrative Records, Part I: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The text editions from the book M.

Royal Inscriptions, Literary, and Lexical texts. The text searchhable from the book I. An annotated, grammatically and morphologically analyzed, transliterated, trilingual Sumerian-English-Hungarianparallel corpus of all Sumerian royal inscriptions.

If there are interesting websites that are not yet mentioned here, please let us knowing by using the Submit link-form.

Views Read Edit View history. Digital Corpus of Cuneiform Seearchable Texts Catalogue of around a thousand published cuneiform mathematical tablets, with several hundred transliterations and translations.

Currently contains only the Old Babylonian liver model BM Buy the book from Harrassowitz. Editions by Emmanuelle Salgues, C. Corpus of Mesopotamian Anti-witchcraft Rituals, vol. Transliterations and translations of SAA 4, 8 and 10, plus supporting material and teaching resources.


The thesaurus facilitates research by making available a digital corpus of texts in Egyptian. The Correspondence of Assurbanipal, Part I: It contains diplomatic correspondence and Akkadian scholarly works from the midth century BC.

The Index to the Sumerian Secondary Literature Over 70, references cineiform the Sumerian secondary literature which also indexes all of the transliterations of word writings in ePSD. Translations are provided as well. Assyrian Prophecies The text editions from the book S. This sub-project presently includes score transliterations of the official inscriptions of Nabopolassar cyneiform Neriglissar. Lambert was an Assyriologist who spent much of his research time transliterating and copying cuneiform tablets in museums, especially the British Museum.

Digital Corpus of Cuneiform Lexical Texts. The text editions from the book S. Geographical Names in Oracc.