Buy Das Wochenende by Bernhard Schlink (ISBN:) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Das Wochenende examines how their feelings have changed in the interval. It debates Bernhard Schlink was born in in Bielefeld, Germany. A lawyer, he. How do we like our terrorists now? Can a man with four murders to his credit, pardoned by the German state and released from prison after

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She wonders about becoming isolated; all those topics pardoning terrorists, the RAF…the German Autumn are sick.

She teaches English, German and the Arts. It was hard for me not to disdain her, but maybe that’s intentional, too.

Through a dialectical process the characters reveal the youthful idealism of their memories, which are now overshadowed by the crushing reality of the present. But having seen it and knowing more about the violence it implied, I was somehow prejudiced against Jorg, the pardoned terrorist, from the very beginning and I couldn’t help thinking in the end, when he told them all he was terminally ill that this served him right. Reading the characters’ thoughts about each brnhard made me think of how I perceive others and attribute various motives to schlin, without evidence.

Margerete and Henner are lovers, now. Ferdinand had a short love affair with Dorle.

The Weekend by Bernhard Schlink: review

The pace is fast and the reader becomes easily absorbed, turning page after page till the very end. And amid this ethical crossfire, it is finally revealed who snitched on him to the police and caused him to be imprisoned for his own safety. I wish the Weekend was more of a week, really interesting developments and characters I just wanted more space for them to operate in.


So if you are unfamiliar with both books and German is no scblink Like Telegraph Books on Facebook. The book became a bestseller both in Germany and the United States and was translated into 39 languages.

She bought the house with Margerete. They will try to recall how it was 30 years ago. So here we are circaand a terrorist, responsible for the murder of four people, is being released from prison.

The Weekend by Bernhard Schlink – review

Blis My friend Angela gave this to us and I really enjoyed the reading of it: In the history of humanity there have been so many victims among innocent people that I cannot help but wonder: Bernhard Schlink is a German jurist and writer.

Some bizarre navel-gazing passages towards the end along with a lot of discussion on ‘life lies’. Now, with several decades behind them, they have accepted heartbreaking reality to various degrees. Would I read it again? But neither they go badly.

There is a lot going on in this short book, but the author was able to connect the storylines well and in a way that made sense. Trivia About Das Wochenende. Though the engagement with history has become the defining achievement of Germany, the generation of has at times been said to have strayed into a fascist undertaking to undo the Nazi past.

Das Wochenende; Bernhard Schlink by Juliane LEY on Prezi

Some bizarre navel-gazing passages towards the end along with a lot of discussion on ‘life lies’. More than twenty years in prison…charged with terrorism! Maar dat blijkt lang geleden. However, for reasons unknown, he meanders far afield to create new and revive old romantic attachments for the group including a bizarre young seductress for Jorg and to introduce an interloping and “mysterious” stranger whose true identity is an almost banal literary device.


For a short novel it seemed quite long for some reason. F It started OK, but then I got bored quite quickly, maybe the tone of the book was lost in it’s translation? Explores far left terrorism in Germany and was quite enlightening in some aspects.

I tell you, if I heard my teenage daughter screaming, I would be there in a shot, not dither about like a muppet for ages and then not even give a fuck when I saw her naked by some ‘friend’ of mine who just clobbered her! Daardoor kan ik er niet meer van 2,5 sterren voor geven, afgerond naar beneden 2, want deze schrijver k Het idee voor het verhaal is goed en het zou heel interessant leesvoer op kunnen leveren, maar de uitwerking is halfslachtig en oppervlakkig.

I think those native to Germany have more of an understanding of what’s going on here. Ferdinand had a short love affair with Dorle. But it also is a family drama and it also talks how people’s opinions change as they age and how life in general turns out differently than planned.

Schlink, Bernhard | New Books in German, Das Wochenende (The Weekend), Author, Rights

Vaguely reminiscent initially of the film THE BIG CHILL, in this wochenendde, the group of middle-aged friends are not rendezvousing to mourn an old friend, but have gathered in a rural farmhouse in Germany to welcome home Jorg, a just-released prisoner. Ilse has concluded her thriller. Books by Bernhard Schlink. Preview — Das Wochenende by Bernhard Schlink.