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No qualification or condition precedent need be acquired or fulfilled to approach God; only there must sataakm a keen and intensive desire to immerse oneself in God. Mus ihaya signifies sipping from one’s own fist or palm and swallo in one gulp, as Sage Agasthya did with the seven seas. You hand over this responsibility to knowledgeable SadAchAryAs.

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The answer is furnished by the words ” tvat-sveekaaraat kritinaha “-those blessed by your adoption of them as your choser favourites. That can be done only if Daya Devi takes pity om us and makes us do so. The theme is about the anger prathigha: As her name employed in this sloka Aim kampa sympathy indicates, she shudders over in line with tbc sufferer. The Satakam, as the name denotes, is a collec of hundred slokas. You are like the river in that Satwkam drench all janthus with Your love flowing like an undrying stream.

Round abowt me everywhere there is nought satakkam aparaadha. Power, fame wealth etc. Out of them Desika speaks of gnana as going before ] and the dayz five as following in her wake. It may be a mere vyaaja or pretext it cannot b more but if it is not theie, the mercy of the Lord does not stay even like rain which runs away from a raised and hard surface.

‎Sri Vedanta Desikar Daya Satakam by R. Vedavalli on Apple Music

The Smarthas and Saivites look up to Vighneswara for re- moving obstacles in the path of the observance of righteous and religious ceremonies. These are the satkaam of Your Lord to misdirect the enemies of the BhAgavathAs and land them in narakam for a very longtime. This has been already pointed out in Slokas 11 arid 5. Avaimi I understand; 1 realise. Her retinue follows behind. They respond to the way in which the people behave.


In sloka 39 above Dcsika referred to ‘ Parimitaphalas. Lord Srinivasa is the Farmer here. Lastly comes the Archaa-roopa, the form of idols or images of which the Saalagrama and ihe images in temples are the most prominent. To the devout, living in sin with no thought for God, is death.

So in this sloka Desika pays his respects to him and in doing so refers very nicely to the threefold greatness that is Vishvaksenaa’s. The Upanishadic saying ‘ Vignaata Avijaanataarn ‘ is brought to our minds by this suggestion.

They are all asArams not lasting and hence insignificant. It is only by inference thdt it must be taken that he is one who protects us from obstacles by removing them. There is also the peerless pleasure rf Divine enjoyment for which the Vedas saya the way.

His anger is fierce during those times.

Sri Ramaswamy Ayyangar has brillia demonstrated how each of the ten decads is i different metre and deals with a distinct the and what is extremely significant is that the dayq tc dealt with in the stotra are the ten topics of saya fan Dramidopanishad Tiruvoimozhi of Nammalwar.

On the walls of their Buddhi, Your Lord drew the paintings to archive the meanings of the Tatthva Thrayams. Posted by admin at 2: If his position itself is precarious, what about ours? For that purpose, one drop of Your grace is sufficient. It Iso means an attribute. Others say that the Lord will infuse into the prapanr a thought satakxm “Him during the last moments and thereby ratisl that condition for the attainment of mukti. Daaya Mother Dayaa Devi!

Guna means a ” rope. He is higher in rank satakaam Siva and IndhrA. Though the sea may rough and hot at times owing to currents and tides, its essent nature is coolness.


Both the Devis are also keen on saving adiyEn but it appears that Lord SrinivAsan does not pay any heed to their pleas. The exclusiveness of “V truths was done away with by their Tamil works capable oft studied by every one male or female, Brahmin or Non-Brah Kamalaavasa signifies Sreenivasa and also a lotus tank. The previous sloka dealt with His Divya Mangala Vigraha.

The Lord it would have been noticed has been referred to here as a moon shining on the crest of Vrishaachala. Sanjeevanam means giving life The heavy load of sin smothers one’s own existence and brings abou a state akin to death.

I beseech you who are an Empress backed up by strength, valour and other anucharaas sloka 1 1 to besiege me, blast the rampart walls, shatter my fort and to come in and cafrtur me and easlave me. The great truth brought out by this ing sabda-virodha apparent contradiction in words is that if the Lord cannot be said to be faultless.

The Puraaic churning of Ksheerabdi ocean of milk by inse ing sahakam Manthara mountain as the churning rod is in the poi naiad. Here; the sins of the Lord’s devotees who ii Hto Daya axe personified and it is stated that they are really ; only of Daya and not of the mighty Lord. The fruits will hang from boughs or branche Here the Kataaksha or gracious glances of the Lord are the bougl from which the purushartas have to be got plucked.

Those who have seen processions of the Lords in Temples will have noticed how the Lord is preceded by several paraphernalia and followed by others. You bless those, who seek refuge in You with boons in eaya and the other world.