DD 1351-2 PDF

You should have a similar reaction when a T-ENTERED voucher comes to you for approval in DTS, but there is no DD Form electronically attached to it. The DD Form is used by the Department of Defense for government employees to determine the travel costs related to work and if these travel costs will. a. DATE b. PLACE. (Home, Office, Base, Activity, City and. State; City and Country, etc.) c. MEANS/. MODE OF. TRAVEL d. REASON. FOR.

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Write the date on the receipt, the type of expense, the total amount, and the amount you were allowed to spend. DD Form -2C. PCSing is stressful, and sometimes a lot of money is coming out of your pocket in a short amount of time. Read Privacy Act Statement on back before completing form.

Fill Out Your DD 1351-2 Fillable PDF in Seconds with PDFSimpli.

Authorization to appear as a DD Form. The email is dfas. DD Form – 2 to claim reimbursement for official travel.

If the expenses qualify, the employer will then take care of the travel costs. If searched for a book Dd Form 2 in pdf formin that case you’ve come to dv right site. For the best chance at reimbursement, you should be as detailed and thorough as possible when filling out the forms. Travel Voucher, DD Form – 2 should be completed and sent to brigade within 5 days after completing travel.

Did know you can magically change your. If you were a passenger in a car or used alternative transportation, check Passenger. Use typewriter, ink, or ball point pen.


If you fill the form out online, email it de the Claims department of the Defense Agency Accrual office. Sat, 13 Oct Then record the way you traveled df boat, car, plane, or train — the reason you stopped in that area, the cost of lodging, and the number of miles covered between 1351–2. While it was written by the Army, it contains useful information for PCSing service members for every branch of the military. Box 15 is to be used to document your travel itinerary, including the dates and mode of all travel completed.

You must then certify the form in box 20 and have any supervising official sign box In researching the advance DLA situation, I stumbled across a couple of useful and interesting documents to help you fill out a complete and accurate travel claim when you have a Permanent Change of Station PCS move.

Form DD Travel Voucher or Subvoucher – Military Forms – |

It is here that you will itemize all expenses for which you will be reimbursed. FEMA even has a helpful guide on how individual travelers can prepare their travel vouchers. This voucher must be filled out in order for reimbursement for travel expenses paid out of the pocket of the military member. These cookies only collect personal data when you opt in to the PDF editor. Most Recent Military Pay Articles.

These include conference fees, a rental car, and any other expenses directly related to your ds. The form asks for some personal information about the applicant in addition to questions about the travel. If any dependents were with you during the travel, such as your spouse or children, you should record their names. Include all meals and other necessities that will be covered by the department of defense. You must receive the signed – 2all required This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.


Even when someone else prepares the voucher, cd traveler is responsible for the truth and accuracy Individuals may not request payment for items In box 12, you must list all of your dependents and indicate if they accompanied you on your travel.

The first step is fill in box 1, indicating what type of payment your voucher will be credited. The rest of the boxes will be filled out by the people processing your application for reimbursement. Copy your entire itinerary down with the date of every departure and arrival. All expenses incurred because of the trip are able to be listed on the form, along with a specific description and amount.

The Army PCS travel Voucher Guide includes line-by-line instructions for how to fill out the DD Form, including information for a different variety of situation, such as when the service member moves at a different de from the family. The form is also an application to have the employer cover or reimburse these costs.

Depending on your system, this may happen without any further authorization. Make sure you keep all your food, gas, and lodging receipts together.