Based on a hidden order which can be solved for any financial market, The DELTA Phenomenon, discovered by Welles Wilder® actually plots expected market. In the same year, Sloman sold the DELTA method to Welles Wilder, the Wilder decided to publish The Delta Phenomenon giving 75 percent of the profits to. My name is Welles Wilder. 1 wish that I could say that I discovered this phenomenon, but I’m not that smart. It all began with a phone call. It was the second week.

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To be brief, I sent a comprehensive report to each Director detailing the action I phenpmenon taken and was continuing to take against Gary Mackhan. All markets obey this basic order.

The Delta Phenomenon

Wilder’s systems deltaa methods than any other single discipline. Further details are set out in the membership application forms and trust agreements which may be requested. However, if one looks at the holographic negative with normal lighting, it looks like mass confusion. At first, I was getting about half a dozen calls a day. Below is an actual example. Each Delta turning point was defined by its relative position to the nearest colored line.

It was one of the few times where I wasted money on a trading resource. Where will Point 4 come? The IBP may also occur on both sides of Point 1 thus causing two inversions which wel,es in no change of rotation.

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About Us Your Compliments are here Tomorrow’s market is not just unknown, it is unknowable. So much for my engineering background! We reasoned that when the interaction of all three bodies resulted in a time frame, then the third body takes the place of the number 4 and the series becomes one happening or unity.


Customers who bought this item also bought. Fat Cat Investing at the Click of a Mouse: However, they are close enough to the predicted date that the order is obvious when viewing market action through the Delta perspective. Is it really possible that markets actually repeat every four years phenomenno nobody has seen it?

The only Input is the date. This is why revealing the market order to all traders may not have a significant impact on the markets. He had written a novel which was as yet unpublished and he wanted to make a feature length pheomenon. In you published a book that revolutionized technical analysis in many ways. Please try again later.

BOOK REVIEW: The Delta Phenomenon

The average AR for all 25 commodities is 27 or 2. It all began with a phone call. When one plots the DELTA turning points on a daily bar chart and watches the market action relative to these points, one gets a feel for the real underlying strength and weakness in a market that can be discerned in no other way. I had been right on six out of seven markets. As with all my books, I have tried to include only relevant and essential information in the most precise way possible.

Below that two options appear. Of course the other thing is that Delta is not a system. I suddenly felt a deep sense of awe The Delta phenomenon, or, The hidden order in all markets Hardcover.

This makes a total of 11 points for T-Bonds. Since that is the case, don’t be bothered if a point comes on one side of a colored line in one series and on the other side of the line for the next series. Fortunately for all involved, the perfect order in the markets is not perfectly accurate!


Great advantage can be taken of this, because an early or late market conveys important information.

Here on the screen is a projection of a typical tide chart. The rest of them I threw’ in the waste basket. It was overlaid with colored lines and numbers.

This new time frame will be available to members in January. The Delta Cycles supposedly work in any market, but each individual market has a unique cycle. For example, the AR for point 1 for Gold is I’ve known this since the late ‘s.

This perfect order is the basis of all markets. Showing of 14 reviews. I can chart intermediate turning point and every major turning point that T-Bills will make in Members of this family are: He was preparing to make a feature length film.

Suffice it to say that my emotions ran the gamut from feeling dumb to being elated. The market starts to move up but then turns down and suddenly drops below Point 1 and makes Point 2 to the right of the green line just where it is supposed to behowever, it becomes a low point rather than a high point.