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DIN Blind Flanges. PN6. PN DIN. No. of holes. D b k d2. KG. D b k d2. KG. 4. 4. Buy DIN () Weld Flanges For Pressure Vessels And Process Apparatus Of Stainless Steel from SAI Global. Buy DIN WELD FLANGES FOR PRESSURE VESSELS AND PROCESS APPARATUS OF STAINLESS STEEL from SAI Global.

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The program determines the allowable material properties dependent on temperature, workpiece geometry, regulation standard and delivery standard.

The EN20 module calculates reinforcements of flat walls acc. Message to your colleague. Local loads due to lifting lugs at cylindrical shells and domed heads per EN chapter Fatigue Life Package 20836 incl. WERK Material data base. More precise, less conservative results will usually be obtained by application of the EN 18 module.

For the final calculation, the specified modules are adjusted and their data are connected to the working sheet. Vessels Support Stability package incl. After specification of the geometry and material, the program determines the actual membrane and bending stresses and checks the geometrical conditions and the allowable stresses. Nearly 50 years of expertise in flange joints and a comprehensive database dinn to a user friendly application!


Dinn three dimensional representation is true to scale to make sure that any dimension errors are immediately noticeable. The nozzles may be with or without reinforcement, vertical, oblique, offset or tangential. Gerd Lannewehr, Peter Thomsen. Local loads on nozzles in spherical and cylindrical shells per EN chapter Prices of modules see price list.

A given wall thickness provided, the maximum permissable individual loads tensile force F duncompressive force F c,max and bending moment M max are determined according 2036 Sustainable Development Goals and standardisation, how do they connect? Horizontal vessels on saddles per EN chapter Joint wizard Creating a complete flange joint within seconds.

Flange joints for process vessels – Weld flanges for pressure 2806 Article no: Design of bolted domed ends, with either full face or narrow face gaskets, and with the dome either convex or concave to pressure. Flat ends per EN chapter 10 Calculations for determining the thickness of circular and non-circular unstayed flat ends under pressure and for providing adequate reinforcement for openings fitted in such ends.

Flange joints for process vessels – Weld flanges for pressure vessels. Bolted domed ends convex or concave to pressure per EN chapter 12 requires EN11 module Design 28063 bolted domed ends, with either full face or narrow face gaskets, and with the dome either convex or concave to pressure.


flangeValid – flangeValid Standard Elements

Wind loads per EN chapter EN chapter 20 and radial reinforcement ribs of round flat ends acc. The rings are supported by saddles or legs or otherwise. This applies also for other cyclic loads, e. WERK Package price 1 licence: Gasket analysis in Ansys Normal component of gasket closure.

General terms and conditions Cookies och Javascript Disclaimer Contact. Possible attachments can be ladders, vertical and horizontal piping and platforms. The EN and EN programs cover the calculation rules and proofs demanded by the according chapter of the code. The owners of third-party links shown on this website are solely responsible for the content of their website. Package price 1 licence: Basic Package EN incl. FEA preparation in Ansys Bolt pretensioning force.

Flange wizard Top flange.

Flange joints for process vessels – Weld flanges for pressure vessels

Reaction vessels and their components. The results of any database query may be listed or single objects may even be displayed as 3D objects.

Screw wizard Top and bottom flange with gasket and screw.