Brief Description, Players take the roles of “Combat Group Commanders,” leading ad-hoc battle formations composed of multiple platoon-sized elements. Rules. It looks like there is a renewed interest in the SF Dirtside II set of miniatures rules especially that they are a free download. I thought I would post. Dirtside II and other 6mm scifi combat games has members. Group about scifi ground combat game Dirtside II from company Ground zero games.

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Each miniature represents an individual combatant. Danny Gurule dgurule jeppesen. Mine is 60 for a big bus.

Vehicle design and costing can take a while – but that’s mainly because of the tradeoffs involved. Matthew Levrier 10 hrs.

Basically the route that Golgotha would take. This is, I believe, the best system to date that anyone has come up with.

Dirtside II

I spent a bit on separate packs and mixed and matched. One of the packs included some remarkable figs that I quickly earmarked for the naval marine and that was that. With coming to a close I drtside a retrospective of things I’ve painted over the past year might be in order.


The fate of planets would be settled by these tiny terrors. If you would like to add your opinion digtside this webpage, use the following form or send email to the editor. The player with fewer total units has the choice of whether to go first or second.

Miniatures Rules: Dirtside II Science Fiction Miniatures Game

Epic was tried and discarded. I have played Sci-Fi miniature battles for years. Golgotha had just gotten underway when I realised I needed some rules for settling planetary combats so armed with a torch and a feather duster Dirtsside attacked the spider ridden shelves in the corner of the garage, looking for that elusive box with the rules sets that I just dirtsidf had to be there. Matthew Levrier December 27 at 7: One thing to note if you’re coming to DSII from a non-armored-warfare background is that you need to have a lot more terrain on the table than you would for, say, medievals.

The rules were fasteasy to understand and had sheer sense of elegance that in have seldom found in commercial rule sets. I guarantee that most gamers spend twice as much times planning their games as actually in at the sharp end.

That old interest in sc-fi lingered on however. Then came tiny tanks and troopers to fight alongside the titans and suddenly I was playing 6mm armoured games again albeit in a fantasy world. That way you can sneak up and fire on a unit before it gets a chance to move. I still had lots of gaps when I discovered that the aforementioned Mr Tuffley made some wonderful 6mm figures too.



I knew that abstract solutions were no longer possible. Vanguard Miniatures added 3 new photos. Dick McGee shared a link. KS fulfillment from Bradley Miniatures has arrived. Tuffley and Elliot deserve a lot of credit for this system.

December 21 at Finally dirtxide Ground Zero Games figures became the Imperial guard grunts. Players take the roles of “Combat Group Commanders,” leading ad-hoc battle formations composed of multiple platoon-sized elements. Out came the pen and paper and that wonderful part of gaming called planning began. Jon Tuffley jon gzero. With the end of the year coming up I’ve started a series of retrospective gallery posts on my blog, showcasing various painting project from the past twelve months.