The Hidden Messages in Water is magnificent. Through his genius photography and superb scientific skill, Dr. Masaru Emoto has created a book that is truly a. The Message from Water [Masaru Emoto] on *FREE* of water. This ground breaking work from Dr Masuro Emoto shows us that what we say. “Message from Water” and Science. Yasuyuki Nemoto. Director of IHM General Institute. (On Behalf of Dr. Masaru Emoto). The 9th Annual.

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As he says, ” the words of your mouth have a power of their own that influences the entire world. I would recommend this book to anyone.

Oct 02, Brooke rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Thanks for telling us about the problem. Masaru Emoto’s “Messages from Water”. Our thoughts are VERY powerful. Click Here masau learn about and buy Dr.

Recommended to Lisa by: But is the power of positive affirmation really so mysterious? Water from Fujiwara Dam after being blessed. A feeling of non-stop expansiveness. The disjointedness of it all would have made me put down a book any longer than this very short volume. mesaage


The Hidden Messages in Water

The pictures are amazing! This book has the potential to nasaru transform your world view. It seems like it ought to be a hoax, but it is also easily tested at home so I’m not sure it is.

Lists with This Book. But that’s where I feel some of the problems begin. The validity of the science is almost irrelevant: Once you understand this, you can take charge of the process. The world is not made up of only our theories and equations in our textbooks!!! Water truly does have powerful messages for us.

It really relays a very powerful message about the humble water that we take for granted. I have wanted to read d for over ten years and finally have. The photos in this book prove this concept in a very visual and dramatic way. Then he wondered if we, as human beings, can change the nature of water, so he tried many techniques to test this. This a beautiful book filled with a beautiful message and beautiful pictures. Oct 25, Eri rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: But, in my opinion, it’s worth a read just the same.

The Hidden Messages in Water : Masaru Emoto :

Hidden Messages in Water by Masaru Emoto. As a dowser, I am naturally fascinated with water. The end was especially poignant now that he’s tragically passed on. Among them how for example heavy metal music creates distorted crystals and calm mexsage classical music creates beautiful crystals. The experiments are fascinating and its truly a book that everyone in the world should read Oct 07, Lammoth rated it did not like it. Love and gratitude alone can change the world one little moment at a time.


Tell us what you like, so we can send you books you’ll love. Getting these ‘messages’ absolutely blew me away — especially the sentence that says something to the effect of what we say to our children — whose bodies are mostly water. On a lighter note, since I read this book I wrote my own special love and gratitude type words on the bottom of my personal water jug.