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When you define a color for the first time the color grey is displayed in the Original color field. Since you are working in the drawing area, the Drawing Assistant helps you place the stroke precisely.

Localized control of complex curves allows you to make minor modifications without adversely affecting the shape. You may then adjust the curvature of the spline between the locked points without disturbing other areas of the spline. You may combine the placement of these points unlimitedd create a circle through a specific point of one object and tangent to another object, or a circle tangent unlimied three objects, or any other combination.

Close the Macro dialog box by clicking the Close box in deaftboard upper left corner draftboatd the dialog box. Arrows Clicking this buttons moves a command from the Commands list box to the Menu list box and vice versa.

When creating a point with the Single line tool by clicking twice the same position you have to select a different tool before you continue to draw. Pen Weights The Weight submenu in the Pen menu offers 8 pen weights, that are all user definable.

A construction line appears through the point. Click the Save button All selected commands are removed from the Utilities menu. It is particularly useful if you are a member of a design team that works on the same parts. The spline is tangent to the first and last vectors and passes through the calculated control points. The snap point locks onto specific points on existing objects as you move the pointer near them.


If you use parametrics, turn on the point display Show Points on the Layout menu and dimension to the displayed points rather than to the lines. Choose Save Preferences from the Preferences submenu on the Layout menu. The desired point must be within the hit radius of the pointer. Using Stroke construction lines Construction lines are as long as the dimensions of the viewing area of the screen or the plot region as designated in Drawing Sizewhichever is larger. This is by design.

If necessary create or rename more pens. Wall symbols Parametrized symbols with an underlying wall segment like the door symbols you find in the Architect Library will automatically cut wall segments where they are placed. Click in front of the name of the new line in case you want to lock the line to prevent any modification. Function Plotters The two integrated Function Plotters parametrical and explicit allow to create unlimied curves by calculating curve points that can be connected by a spline or line segments.

The spacing of the grid lines and the number of tick marks between the intersections are set in the Grid dialog box which you can choose from the Preferences command on the Layout menu.

When the list of pen styles appears, drag to the new pen you want to change. Opposite-Point Circle Tool This tool draws a circle specified by the diameter. Creating parallel construction lines You can create parallel construction lines by specifying a single angle value with different offsets separated by semicolons. Draftbozrd an arc, circle, or ellipse.

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Before you can define a point on the drawing area you have to click in the Entry field where the values should go. All existing lines drawn in the ulnimited pattern you edited will be changed to reflect the new pattern element, as will all future lines drawn in the line pattern. Y X H W The status line allows you to specify the X, Y coordinates of the first point, as well as the width and height of the rectangle.


Select the Selection tool so the Single Line status box clears. Click the Use button in the Define Colors dialog box. The grid is made up of horizontal and vertical lines of dots.

DraftBoard Unlimited 4.7

If the geometry is not satisfactory, just press the Backspace key. Position and Status for the following palettes are saved with this command: The Construction Command Stroke construction lines are useful for creating lines through existing points.

As you work with a tool, the tool icons show you the points you must ublimited to create an object with the tool. The new pen has now the specified attributes for the current document until you quit DraftBoard. Using the Drawing Assistant for snapping onto geometry Another way drsftboard be to reduce the detection radius of the Drawing Assistant with a lower number of pixels for the hit radius or to zoom in on the drawing to separate the construction points visually see also Hit Radius in this chapter.

Click or drag to indicate the endpoints of the line segments. The position of the automatic wall depends on your last activity.

DraftBoard Unlimited EDU

Click the vertices you want to lock. The Add Commands dialog box is displayed.

To save user defined colors permanently choose the Save Preferences draftboadr from the Preferences submenu in the Layout menu. The preferences are set for subsequent new documents. When you edit a style, you set new specifications for future uses of that pen. The second point you specify is the direction vector, and the third point you specify indicates the endpoint of the arc.