Dräger Savina® The Savina® combines the independence and power of a turbine-driven ventilation system with state-of-the-art ventilation modes. Service Technicians Forum Drager Savina Service Manual omer kurt gateelektronik hi I need service manual drager savina ventilator. Service Technicians Respiratory Forum Savina Service Manual Pere Sureda IBERMANSA Could someone share with me the service.

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This enables Savina to detect xavina an external battery or a DC on-board network is connected. In the event of Savina failure, high breathing resistance is to be expected in spontaneous breathing.

This makes the Savina a logical choice for locations where hospital infrastructure may be incomplete. Advisory 1 Yellow LED lights up and remains lit.

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Your team will be using the Savina with confidence in just a short time. Savina runs through its self-test procedure. The Savina provides high performance ventilation therapy for adult and pediatric patients of all acuity levels, regardless of the care setting. Nurse call system Optional Connection for redirecting alarm signals to a clinic-internal central alarm system can be found on the rear side of Savina.

What’s what Front connection block 1 Flow sensor 2 Expiration valve with expiration port 3 Socket for breathing gas temperature sensor plug 4 Inspiration port 5 Gas supply port for the medicament nebuliser 6 Protective cover for O sensors By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

Page 56 Advisory Message with low priority Savina displays a message for your guidance in the information line when certain alarm messages occur. Page If a tidal volume V of mL has been set and 50 mL are lost during inspiration, Savina will automatically deliver mL.


The Savina is designed to meet the ventilation needs of even the most critically-ill patients, yet it is very simple to operate and maintain as well as flexible enough to be used nearly anywhere in your hospital.

For your safety and that of your patients For manuap safety and that of your patients Strictly follow the instructions for use Liability for proper function or damage Any use of the apparatus requires mannual understanding and strict The liability for the proper function of the apparatus is observation of these instructions.

drager savina 300 service manual

Operation Operation Starting Up Regularly check on-screen messages. The integrated turbine ensures true independence from central drive gas supplies or external compressors.

Don’t have an account? Information window on screen During setting of a ventilation parameter, the Savina calculates the derived parameters and displays them in the information window on the main screen page.

Infrastructure independence The integrated turbine ensures true independence from central drive gas supplies or external compressors. The device should only be left connected to the power supply in well-ventilated rooms. Sfrvice plug on the connecting cable that plugs into the Savina is coded. The yellow lamp goes out, the nebulizer is switched off. Electrical Power Supply 1,2m Electrical power supply The ventilator is designed for a mains voltage of: Intensive care ventilator for neonates software 5.

Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Change the hose system and expiration valve every week.


Clean and prepare the machine after each patient. Designed with safety in mind The combination of both internal and external power supplies means that the Savina can take power interruptions of up to 5 hours in sfrvice — making it perfect for patient transport as well. Non-invasive ventilation Booklet, en Since the first use of positive end-expiratory pressure ventilation in the late ‘s non-invasive ventilation NIV has come a very long way.

Page 94 Savina runs through its self-test procedure. Page majual Savina automatically prioritises the use of the power sources. In The Event Of An Alarm 2 the alarm message is displayed in the right-hand corner of the top line of the screen. Savina automatically zavina the use of the power sources. Remove fuse for internal battery. After the program has started, during the oxygen enrichment phase Savina ventilates in the selected ventilation mode for up to seconds with Vol.

Prepare the medicament nebulizer in accordance with the accompanying instructions for use. Flow monitoring off Savina generates a two-tone sequence that sounds only once. Ethylene oxide can diffuse into the parts. The remaining Do not switch over Savina to operation via operating time is only a few minutes.

In this case the tube and patient hose system connections should be checked for Connect ventilation hoses, and note length of hoses in metres.