Enables smooth traffic flows. The medium sized DYNACO M2 COMPACT is an ideal interior high speed door suited for industrial and logistic activities. Its fast. Wind-resistant high performance door. The DYNACO Power M2 high performance door requires little maintenance, is easy to use and is durable. It is ideal for. Encourage smooth traffic flows. The DYNACO M2 BASIC high performance door has a rapid open/close cycle that enables easy movement of products.

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High speed roll up doors for cold storage.

Wind resistant exterior roll up door – DYNACO M2 All Weather

Reduce maintenance downtime with the self-reinserting door curtain that ensures reliability and durability. Reliable and safe exterior high performance door. This avoids production down-time. Powered by advanced push-pull technology, this fast roll up door needs little maintenance and is designed for a long lifetime. It remains operational even in bad weather. Optional insulating curtain reduces frost and condensation. Standard soft curtain design prevents hard edge accidents.

Technical data Maximum height: No rigid bottom bars to injure workers or damage equipment. The superior seal and the fast cycle of the dynac speed door keep draught, humidity, dust and dirt our of your premises.

W 15′ Opening speed: Superior and tight seal around the full perimeter of the roll up door. Technical data Maximum height: Medium sized high speed roll up door for interior use.


Low consumption electric heating cables dnaco the side posts of this high speed freezer door reduce frost and avoid down-time.

An optional insulation curtain mounted on the high speed freezer door reduces condensation and frost. Together with the high opening and closing speed significant energy savings can be achieved. Seal off your freezer room with a high performance roll up door.

Technical data Maximum height: Our benefits Wind resistant up to wind load class 5 of the European standard EN Remains operational even under strong wind innovative push-pull drive technology Suited for intensive use and fast traffic flows high opening and closing speed Protects against bad weather superior seal around the dyhaco perimeter of the door Safe for personnel and equipment flexible curtain without rigid elements avoids injuries and damages Avoid production down-time self-reinserting door curtain Conform to EN Structure in stainless steel optional.

High performance doors that provide reliable environmental control while increasing productivity and safety. Avoid production downtime and reduce maintenance costs with a door curtain that reinserts dynac into the side guides if inadvertently dislodged.

Equip your industrial buildings with reliable and fast exterior roll up doors

So even with a strong headwind the entrances to your building, warehouse or hangar remain fully operational. Dyynaco with the self-reinserting door curtain this guarantees a long lifetime of the roll up door.

An ideal exterior high speed roll up door. Advanced push-pull technology ensures a fast roll up door cycle. The high performance door withstands and operates in moderate to high wind load or pressure. Its excellent seal limits the loss of cooled air and saves energy. The fast door cycle combined with push-pull drive technology ensures uninterrupted continuation of your production, transport or logistic activities, even in bad weather conditions.


Our benefits Save energy Short open time and tight seal reduce transfer of air Increase refrigeration efficiency Automatic and fast door cycle improves efficiency of your freezer room Reduce frost Optional insulating curtain and heated side posts Save costs Self-re-inserting door curtain avoids down-time and minimizes maintenance Extremely safe The flexible door curtain is free of rigid components Long lifetime DYNACO high performance doors contain very few wearing parts Conform to EN Structure in stainless steel optional.

By continuing to use this website, you consent to our use of these cookies. When accidentally dislodged, the door curtain reinserts itself into the side guides after an open and close cycle. An ideal high speed roll up door for industry and logistics. Reduce downtime and save costs Avoid the downtime of de-icing with our heated side guides and optional insulated curtain and defrost system. By continuing to use this website, you consent to our use of these cookies.

Side reinforcements provide additional wind resistance. Innovative push-pull drive technology works in extreme wind.

By continuing to use this website, you consent to our use of these cookies. It forms an extra barrier between warm outside temperatures and cold inside temperatures.