E5CN/E5AN/E5EN Digital Temperature Controllers User’s Manual Basic Terminal block. E5CN. Basic Type. Analog input. Temperature input. safety standards, refer to your OMRON website. E5CN/E5AN/E5EN/E5GN Digital Temperature Controllers User’s Manual Basic Type (Cat. No. H). E5CN-H. Advanced Digital Temperature Controller (48 x 48 mm). E5CN-H between displaying the status of the Temperature Controller (auto/manual.

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e5dn Section Alarm Delays Note 1 The defaults are manula, i. Protected parameters are not dis- played regardless of the conditions for use, but the settings of these parame- ters are still valid. Page of Go. PageScaling upper limit, Scaling lower limit, Decimal point: Timing Status Meaning Countermeasures When the manipulated variable turns OFF, the temperature begins to fall and the control turns ON again. Press the U or D key to set the manual MV.

The overall manual operation is illustrated in the following figure. This parameter monitors the set point during SP ramp operation. For this reason, offset the readout value using a 1-point or 2-point shift as described in this section.

Section Using omdon Simple Program Function Starting Method Any of the following three methods can be used to start the simple program. Equivalent to IP50, rear case: The previous and improved models can be distinguished by the front panel, as shown below. Program start See note 5.


Page Standby sequence reset: Page numbers refer to the previous version. Green Outside stable band: Press the O key for at least three seconds to move from the operation Initial Setting Level level to the initial setting level.

Page Section Performing Manual Control Note In balanceless-bumpless operation, the MV before switching is used initially after the switch and then gradually changed to achieve the proper value after switch to prevent radical changes in the MV after switching operation.

PageAlarm 3 hysteresis: Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Appendix A Press the O Key for at least 3 s. Doing so may occasionally result in electric shock, fire, or malfunction. Page Proportional band, Integral time, Derivative time adjustment level: To return to the operation level, press the O key for at least one second. Section Shifting Input Values Method for a 2-point Use a 2-point input shift if you want to increase the accuracy of the readout Shift values across the range of the sensor.

The set point can be switched by operating the keys on the front panel or by using external input signals event inputs. Heater Current 1 Value Monitor Alarm 1 must be assigned.

A ramp is used to restrict the change width of the set e5c as a rate of change. Characteristics Indication accuracy Thermocouple See note 1. Monitor range Unit Process value Input indication range See page Initial setting level Specifying control method c-db Dead band: Do not allow pieces of metal, wire clippings, or fine metallic shav- ings or filings from installation to enter the product. Turn the power ON. Section Performing Manual Control 7.


Parameter Flow Starting in manual mode. Set the maximum permissible change width per unit of time as the SP ramp oomron value. HS Alarm Latch Alarm 1 must be assigned.

This parameter is used to check the manipulated variable for the cooling con- trol output during operation. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Page 8 If the output omrron shorted, fire will occur due to overheating of the heater or other cause. Function Transfer type Default Hold the top and bottom of the front panel and carefully pull it out toward you, without applying unnecessary force.

Omron E5CN User Manual

Note Heater voltage fluctuations are not considered here, so be take that into account when setting the detection current. Upper and lower-limit alarm with standby sequence 6: Section Loop Break Alarm 3. The mode will be changed to the calibration mode, and adj will be displayed. Change the connections as follows: Displays other than that for switching between Power ON automatic and manual. Don’t have an account? Input type in-t 2. The product is designed for indoor use only.