Ze strony: Earthdawn/Shadowrun RPG Crossover Information Spis treści[pokaż] Earthdawn/Shadowrun Crossover Information There are a. Oczywiście jak są inne rzeczy do pisania (np. relacja z Imladrisu) to na wszystko inne jest ochota. Na szczęście nie lenię się, a twórczo. line-makra. It’s in polish but hey, I even tried to read german stuff without knowing the language and.

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Ostatnio zmieniony przez Czarna Owca Najlepiej maga, chronionego przed szybkim zgonem? Hopefully when it is closer to publication there will be a few previews that eaarthdawn be unleashed. Until then… The Cover: The core artwork of the cover features as a color plate in the 4ed Players Guide. All in all I think the cover looks pretty neat. The white walls of Travar weathered the Scourge better than most.

The city has long been a center of trade for centuries, and stayed out of the direct conflicts between Throal, Thera, and the other powers in Barsaive. But in the aftermath of the Second Theran War, Throal has pulled back and is no longer the beacon of hope and freedom it once was. The dwarfs still trade, but Travar’s merchant houses see even more opportunities to line their pockets, and with that comes greater influence in provincial affairs.


Greater influence comes with greater attention.

Trade is critical to post-war rebuilding efforts, and those who control trade control Barsaive. Foreign powers — Throal, Iopos, Thera, and more — look for ways to sway the merchants of Travar in their favor, hoping to use its mercantile strength to shape the future of Barsaive. Meanwhile, the Badlands continue to grow. The Merchant City explores the history of Travar and the surrounding lands. It also describes the present situation, providing a wealth of setting information including significant characters, organizations, legends, and more to enhance your Earthdawn game.

In the follow up thread someone asked about the progress of the Travar sourcebook. There was a Travar sourcebook in the making?

How had I missed that little nugget of information? Unfortunately, or fortunately as it turned out, the author had abandoned the project.

– Age of Legends

I said I was disappointed, I probably said other stuff as well. Did I mention I had never written anything before? Luckily a few others were paying attention and a few days later there was a small team of us brain storming the beginnings of Travar. It seemed there was an overabundance of ideas for pubs, taverns and alehouses.

It certainly seemed to be going that way.

Age of Legends

After a few weeks we had our fetish for ale houses behind us and a rough idea of the history. A year or so later there was a shiny new manuscript for Travar: The City of Destiny….


Um yes, moving swiftly on, eadthdawn title was changed to Travar: Of it went to Dammi at Redbrick.

Long story short, Earthdawn developers changed just about ;l, companies changed and not always in that order and Travar was bounced about for about four years, in which time I got my degree. I kind of imagined the manuscript like the one ring, lying at the bottom of the river, calling to its master, just waiting for the next person to swim past to pick it up.

He asked if I was still interested in getting it published… well you all know what bears do in the woods. Of course I also got the news that there was to be a new edition of Earthdawn and that meant a chunk of the book would need reworked.

There is always a catch. We are now furiously working to get the manuscript in order, but after so many years in the darkness there is now light at the end of the tunnel… Soon the gates of Travar will be flung open: Ostatnio zmieniony przez Sethariel Ostatnio zmieniony przez Habib Dodaj temat do Ulubionych Wersja do druku Aerthdawn do: