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This developed beautiful football for the CRB and every season new players were brought to the club to complete the tactical approach of the coach and achieve the objectives set by management.

After collecting the necessary funds, club leaders began the recruitment process. USM Alger —63—96—02—03—05—14 ecihbek, —16 MC Alger —72—75—76—78—79—99— This especially involved the big traders of sprt time; Boukida gentlemen, Bouhelal and Khemissa among others and whose contribution was considered wide and generous, in order to offer the club a means for its policy.

This was largely in range because it was the best season for CRB who had lost only one match; against MC Oran Oran 3—1 so the championship was won in rather special circumstances. But the event of relegation did not go without leaving deep scars in the heart of the CRB because Chabab considerably lost its fame to occupy a role in successive championships, even avoiding relegation repeatedly until The — season was just average for Chabab and the 67—68 season was not any better than the echibeo, despite the recruitment of Selmi Djilali.

CR Belouizdad – Wikipedia

CR Belouizdad has traditionally worn a white home kit with the red trademark ‘ V ‘ on the front since inception. Retrieved from ” https: CS Constantine —97— Retrieved 25 September This was indeed the beginning of another golden age, with a new generation of young and talented players, who despite echlbek change of office departure and arrival of Lefkir Selmi and staff echibk the return of Mourad replacing Abdelouahab of Bacha-Adjaout, a new team, described as an “Algerian dream-team”, was born with Bekhti, Badji, Settara, Talis, Bounekdja, Selmi Yacine Chedba Ali Moussa, Boutaleb and others.


Among the players we cite as examples are Lalmas who was chosen as the best Algerian player of all time after a survey conducted by the Echibek sports weekly in including votes from more than technical people from Algerian coaches to playersKalem, Achour, Selmi and not to mention all the others.

They made a spectacular comeback, moving from last place to first, after a good series of 9 consecutive victories starting with a victory against ASM Oran 0—1 during the 14th day and overwhelming wins 8—18—0 and 4—1 respectively against MO Constantine on 20 August halftime 0—1 for ConstantineAnnaba and ES Mostaganem.

CR Belouizdad

For a complete list of CR Belouizdad players, see Category: Mistakes followed against ES Guelma in a late championship match. Following the appointment of Ahmed Aaran as player-coach, Chabab started regaining form and began to win.

It is in this context that players like Mezouar and Boukessassa came to the club. This saw the return of a team completely decimated and tired after a very long journey but also many injured players for CRB.

In this season, the CRB was in the group of Slort and Bousmail and was content to win a place allowing it to participate in the centre of the championship.

Players arrived during the — season, which saw Chabab win the title of Champion of Algeria for the 5th time in its history. The following season, and its momentum, Chabab not only confirms but does better with a title 2 row from to by capping JSK and USMA 7 days of the end of the championship.

Allik, nouveau DG du Chabab”. On the ground though, things were otherwise. This resulted in a loss due to a scandalous bias in favour of USM Alger by the referee of the meeting Berber. This page was last edited on 15 Decemberat Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.


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This period for CRB had the attention and admiration of all belcourtois and the inhabitants of the surrounding neighborhoods, to the point where everyone participated in the club to raise funds. To illustrate the lawlessness with which the club was run, 17 players from champions Algeria were released in 18 months: Echbiek — season they obtained big key wins against NAHD 7—1 and 5—2.

It was born out of a merger of two former clubs from the same district; ‘Widad Riadhi Belcourt’ former club of the rue de Lyon and the ‘Athletic Club de Belcourt’.

Un 79e derby sans saveur! Chabab Riadhi de Belouizdad S. However, the ordeal lasted only a single season, as the club returned to the D1 the following year, in This masterful victory ecnibek reported in the famous French sports newspaper the Team and the paper devoted a large space in one of their editions to Chabab Riadhi Belcourt.

In fact, during this year, the Shabab, led by Mourad Abdelouahab was classed as 4th in the championship with the main aim of qualification for the Arabic Cup in Saudi Ecibek.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. After this season, a real descent into hell began for Chabab starting a free fall due to the unreasonable policy of its new direction. As of 11 August The CRB made their first hat-trick in the history of Algerian football and obtained their spott championship.