Ekiga is a SIP and H VoIP, IP Telephony and Video Conferencing More documentation is available in the manual available through Ekiga’s Help menu. Ekiga SIP Setup and configuration guide for voip settings and pc to phone calling of Ekiga softphone and install to your PC following the instructions here. To install Ekiga for Linux Ubuntu go to the Ubuntu Software Center, type Ekiga and select Install. For Windows the program can be downloaded from the URL.

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P Suspend the video stream of the current call. Msnual, click on the contrast icon to the left of the camera icon, and use the sliders to adjust the brightness, whiteness, colour, and contrast settings for your video feed:.

Then, click on the camera icon to display a real-time local feed from your video device. If you want to add a new group, amnual the group name into the bottom majual field and press Add. So you can enter sip: Unanswered calls shows incoming calls which timed out or were rejected if Do Not Disturb is enabled, for instance by Ekiga.

For dialing in to regular phone networks, a SIP account is required. The proxy is currently used by all accounts. During a communication, only one audio codec is used, for both directions.

It includes codecs with excellent quality as well as codecs with medium to good quality. Otherwise make sure that your camera is working by testing it with ekjga program which uses camera, and check Troubleshooting page. Ekiga will attempt to automatically detect video hardware plugged into your computer.


This is similar to a secretary who receives a call, and after some discussion transfers the call to the right person in the organisation. A limited number of results corresponding to your search are returned.

ekiga(1) – Linux man page

Activate the Call Panel on the main user interface. H Hold the current call.

In addition to the speed improvement, Fast Connect allows the media channels to be operational before the CONNECT message is sent, which is a requirement for certain billing procedures. Once the account has been created, you will receive a login and a password by e-mail. The best approach is to put your preferred codecs at the top of the list, and to disable the codecs that you do mnaual want to skiga for sending and receiving audio.

ekiga(1) – Linux man page

This creates a problem in establishing mannual voip connection between machines which are both behind separate NATs: You manula now see the appropriate section. Chat messages are not stored on any server, so in order for chat to work your partner must be connected when chatting.

You can also open the chat window from a contextual menu by right-clicking on the user in your roster, and selecting Message. In the event that your video input device is unavailable or if you prefer not to send video, you can instead send a moving logo animation.


Documentation | Ekiga ~ Free Your Speech

Notice that you need to specify an URI where to mankal calls in the preferences to be able to activate that option. With the upcoming 5.

One strength of H. However, this port cannot be changed. The Add to local roster window will appear, with fields to supply information for the contact’s name and address. Using Voice over IP with Ekiga.

T Transfer the current call to another party. To allow this, you can simply login to your PC-To-Phone account using the Tools menu as described above, and buy a phone number in the country of your choice. There is also a security fix. If packet jitter is small, jitter buffer is made small too, and audio packets will play soon after their reception.

The default provider is Diamondcard Worldwide Communication Servicewhich offers these rates. Verify that your settings are correct; if something is incorrect, you may use the Back button in the lower right hand corner of the kanual to go to any page of the assistant to correct the mistake. Note that the echo test accepts only some video and audio codecs, cf.