El Angel de La Oscuridad by Caleb Carr, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. : El Angel de La Oscuridad (Spanish Edition) () by Caleb Carr and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books. : ANGEL DE LA OSCURIDAD, EL () by CALEB CARR and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books.

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Another historical figure that plays a small part in the story is Clarence Darrow pre-Monkey Trial when he defends Mrs. Kreizler, and in “The Angel of Darkness” Stevie will grow up and face tragedy of his own.

It was a fun read. This review was written in the late nineties just for myselfand it was buried in amongst my things until today, when I uncovered the journal it was written in.

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The story was a process, but it was never boring. A Spanish diplomat’s child is kidnapped in public, and the mother sees her daughter a few days later on a train. He is a pioneering Alienist, and together with John Moore, Sara Howard, the Isaacsons and Kreizler’s servant, Cyrus, a riveting and at times edge-of-your-seat adventure springs forth. It is largely because these women were unable to satisfy society’s demand that they fill a particular role, that they turned to darker undertakings.

Aug 10, Trisha rated it liked it Shelves: Kriezler has taken in, and saved from a life of crime.


Even if I haven’t read the first book of this series, The Alienistit didn’t compromise this reading. Nonetheless, it is an invigorating read. I have transcribed it verbatim from all those years ago although square brackets indicate some additional information for the sake of readability.

That would be last century, by the way. Teddy squaring off against Goo Goo Knox. The book had its very interesting moments the search through the killer’s house, the rumble with the street gang but so much of the story was fluff cleverly written to make you think it worthy of rereading that it was, at times, frustrating to push on to oscuriead next page. Jan 01, Kayla rated it it was amazing. The daughter of a Spanish diplomat is kidnapped in broad daylight with no ransom.


El Angel de La Oscuridad : Caleb Carr :

Carr is a gifted storyteller, and his books are hard to put down. I really grew to like the main characters, felt a connection, even to the more secondary characters. The difference is that men tend to murder strangers, while women tend to murder children, their own, or children in their care. She didn’t notice her own cocaine was, shall we say, OFF? Jun 03, Allison rated it did not like it. Plus I loved Dr. In a short amount of time, Sarah reassumbles the group and they pinpoint the suspect as Elsbeth Hunter.

May 28, Rebecca rated it liked it Shelves: Unfortunately I got a bit of a spoiler the gender of the killer from the comments, is it still worth the read?

Or was that the main twist of the book I picked up this book expecting it to be not as good as “The Alienist” and was satisfied with another New York adventure circa Caleb Carr’s first novel “The Alienist” was much more entertaining than this effort because its main plot was never hidden behind the vast amount of superfluous detail found in “The Angel of Darkness”.

She is not able to confront the woman, and soon enlists the services of Sarah Howard, who has started an investigation service. Sep 27, Bogdan rated it really liked it Shelves: In It took me two years after I read The Alienist to pick up its sequel. Carr handles the role of women fairly deftly in this book: As I got older it narrowed down to a more specific focus on individual violence. This was another solid book with a lot of historical influences and a very well built multiple crime case.

Kreizler’s friend Theodore Roosevelt in “The Alienist. The second was the seamless integration of historical figures into the story. There were moments where the historical figures inserted into the book seemed a little strange and I was pretty much left going, “Riiiight Maybe Cyrus’ representation worked a little better because he was integral to the group of sleuths in both books. Finding the criminal was only a third of the story, the rest was the challenge of putting the criminal into justice – a slow painful methodical procedure was essential every step of the way.


In addition, contemporary figures such as Cady Stanton, Teddy Roosevelt and Clarence Darrow are brought in to add color and periodicity. There are two amazing characteristics of this series that I love most since The Alienist.

Agel character alone would knock my rating down to 4 stars. Also, another annoyance I had with the book was the frequent introduction of historic persons from the era as fictionalized characters.

But the character of El Nino, the servant of the Spanish diplomat, never really connected with me and seemed to be a dues ex machina for the book.

But when the distraught wife of a Spanish diplomat begs Sara’s aid, the team reunites to help find her kidnapped infant daughter. Yet, the deeper they dig into the woman’s past, the more they discover of the hideousness nature of her crimes. This sequel to the Alienist is as exciting and fast-paced as the orginal, though somewhat less accomplished in presentation. The book had its very interesting moments the search through the killer’s house, the rumble with the street ca,eb but so much of the story was fluff cleverly wri While it took me almost three full weeks to read this book, it wasn’t because it was oscuidad.