El Heptamerón es una colección de 72 novelas breves escritas en francés por la reina Margarita de Navarra, consorte de Enrique II de Albret. el Heptaméron des Nouvelles de très illustre et très excellente Princesse Marguerite de Valois. : El Heptameron: Autor/es: Margarita de Valois Reina de Navarra Editorial: Circulo de Lectores. Fecha Edicion: edicion paginas. Title: El Heptameron. Publisher: Circulo de Lectores. Publication Date: Binding: Tapa dura. Book Condition: Muy bien. Dust Jacket Condition: Muy bien.

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Want to Read Currently Reading Read. I got into Dumas when I heptameeron very young the books were all over the place at my parents’, d aunt’s and my grandparents’ and THIS, a battered, cover Dumas, the Rossini of literature, churned out an impressive amount of his time’s pop-historical novels.

Dec 07, Vera rated it it was amazing Shelves: It’s nowhere near the best Dumas read The Count of Montecristo first, always but it’s still a good book.

Aug 09, Bogdi rated it it was amazing. Primary Language s French. Free yourself to read my review about this book. But boy are they fun! But come on, how can I not love this book? Marguerite de France, reine de Fl. Buddy read with Cari!

It’s evil and amazing. True sentiments that require to be muffled and false ones who aim to look deeper than they are. I got into Dumas when I was very young the books were all over the place at my parents’, my aunt’s and my grandparents’ and THIS, a battered, cover-less copy from the ’40s, was the raciest book of them all!

And if you like The Three Musketeers and other similar type stories, then you’ll probably especially like this book. Tu soffri, ma guardami: I’d have ripped through this in hours. These people were going at it like coked-up rabbits for the entire book, but based on Dumas’s descriptions, the farthest anyone ever got was a kiss on the forehead.



Released to coincide with the new Miramac film starring Isabelle Adjani, this is the classic novel unavailable for over 25 years. But again, the number of fucks I give is holding steady at zero. One time I skipped first period just so I could re-read a particularly saucy bit and then lied to my teacher about it without even an ounce or remorse. The second half of the book lost its charm a bit in my opinion.

National Library of Sweden Authority record. I’d recommend it to people who have already read something by Dumas, but I’d say that it’s not the right book to start reading Dumas. More Information Further Biographical Data This is probably my favourite Dumas novel but there’s something about this translation that doesn’t feel quite right.

She sends people to murder others in their beds, has people tortured so she can cut off their heads and use it for auguring, and opens trap doors to send people plunging to their deaths in the dungeons. I suspect it’s Dumas rather than the translator: Queens with too big a heart and queens with no heart at all.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Mi dispiace Dumas, sul serio I can’t believe that in the age of George RR Martin, this novel hasn’t awakened more interest.

The Oxford Classics addition has a very helpful forward and character notes in the back – but be careful reading too much or you’ll pick up a nasty spoiler or two.

Marguerite, Navarre, Reine used in: Lots of confusing names declaimed at length. Reread Still an amazing story.

The magrarita like puppeteers, pulling at the others’ valoos in order to accomplish their goals. Catherine is as evil as legend would paint her, though she never quite lived up to that in reality.


That said, now that I’ve read it It’s about the war between the Catholics and the Hugenots, I think it even tops Three Musketeers in my personal opinion. Marguerite, de Valois, reine de Navarre. I would certainly recommend this book to everyone who likes great stories! This is especially good on the claustrophobia of margairta Louvre where conversations are always elliptical and opaque, where secret lovers breath messages to each other in Latin, and where truth and integrity are always at a premium.

Ngjarjet jane te ngjeshura me histori dhe inteigat jane nga me te shumellojshmet.

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Marguerite, reina, consort d’Enric II, rei de Navarra, Marguerite, de Navarre, This story is the beginning of mqrgarita cycle based on the life of Henry IV. Soap operas and generally similar things? English German Italian Russian. A hidden gem of Dumas. The back of the book tells heptameronn one of the massacring, Catholics is supposed to be the hero- I don’t get that.

Read Queen Margotthen see the movie version if, like me, you have a dirty mind and a weakness for smut. Lots of little other details, but all in the name of story.

It could have been written at any time, there is nothing to date it or make it seem plodding and musty.

Lists with This Book. To ask other readers questions about Queen Margot, heptamerin Marguerite de Valoisplease sign up.