HWS® (HOLOGRAPHIC WEAPON SIGHT). See inside cover for distribution statement. NSN: (model ). EOTech Technical Manual ver. F. The Model HWS is the most affordable night vision compatible holographic sight Product Manual (PDF) Model Holographic Weapon Sight. EOTech manuals and user guides for free. Read online or download in PDF without registration.

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The client said that they put new batteries in it. I could no longer trust my life to That optic. Never clean the glass surface with a dry cloth or paper towel; always dampen the glass surfaces prior to cleaning.

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

Recently there have been a plethora of and glock accessories that originated from SMU requirements. Works well with gas masks or peripherals Figure They allow very fast target acquisition and engagement at short ranges while providing aiming capability out to meters equal to or better than iron sights.

October 25, at The mount attaches manjal a nut to carry handle.

This fault is generally caused by the reticle brightness being too high. For this reason Lithium AA batteries are recommended for cold weather operations. Thomas, I am not knocking you or your statement at all. EOTech Updates User Manuals EOTech seems to have officially backed off their previous claims regarding operational temperature ranges as well as parallax free attributes.


Picatinny Bolt, Knurled Thumbscrew; qty.

And outside of the military my knowledge has made me a millionaire so you tell me — am I a gun geek nerd or not? The German lets call it G one and the E export version.

Holographic Weapon Sights Product Manuals

The detonators only got crushed before they detonated the torpedoes on poor angled shots. Prior to mounting the HWS on your weapon, be sure the weapon is cleared. I love the square, easy to see through housing, I love the reticle. Finally it got so bad everytime it felt like every other time I turned it on….

It sucks and I like to have the confidence that I can drill tacks anywhere anytime but the reality is that just ain t the case. Very slight and I mean very slight imperfection on the ocular lens.

Your were polite and professional. Used gen 2 eotech g23 flip to side 3x Magnifier with arms QD mount. ThusEOTech magnifier is new in the box. Locate the post and Picatinny clamp on the underside of the sight. Not true at all. Looks like out a caution I eotch avoid Eotech for a while. I put too many rounds through a rifle it was on, and overheated it.


The batteries went from a 6 month span, to 3, months, down to 1 month.

EOTech – Wikipedia

Tell us about it. Page 18 Holographic Window – Contains the embedded holographic reticle pattern maunal forms a virtual image of the reticle when illuminated by laser light. Especially those eltech routinely go into harms way. There can be Shifts plural that begin at either one of those temps. So would the average joe with a moderate amount of skills and an assumed maximum engagement of say 50 meters be affected enough to spend the money on an aimpoint.

The only laser light accessible to the eye is the image beam and is at a power level within the limit of a Class IIa laser product. If the sight is turned on by pressing the UP button, it will automatically shut itself OFF 8 hours after the last pushbutton control is used. I berated Eotevh earlier for his endorsements, and upon thinking about it, I had no business doing so.