Looking for EPFO SSA model question papers? Feb |Updated: Feb- |Category: Misc Placement Papers |Author: Jyoti |Member. In another previous blog article titled: EPFO Recruitment (SSA) Notification, Eligibility & Forms, I had covered how to apply for this exam. In the subsequent blog article, I would give you the EPFO SSA exam pattern with sample papers and books to help you prepare for the exam.

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EPFO SSA Office Work Aptitude Paper is designed in such a way to examine your skills and knowledge on how well you can handle office routine work, maintaining files and records, indexing, your knowledge on communication technologies, how well you have an idea of organization structure, your computer knowledge and so on. Mimeograph is a a. Centralization of mailing services means a.

Valuable facts and figures can be obtained c. These books are available in most of the bookstores, but you can also order them online by clicking movel links below from Flipkart.


EPFO SSA previous year question papers?

Additionally, you can also get EPFO recruitment details. Lithography Ans c 5. Then there is good news for you. Kindly let me know your SSA exam experience by posting your comments below. Any of the above Ans d Method of maintaining statistical books Ans c 8. Finally, we wish you wuestion the best. All mailing operations are handled at one place c. Aid to filing d. Outward mail means a.

Aspirants who perform well in these rounds will get a job in Epto Provident Fund Organization. In which of the following types of office organization, expert advisers are engaged to advise the executive? None of the above Ans a 9. What time is it in London if it is Top executive is relieved of much of his burden d.

EPFO SSA previous year question papers? | Government Jobs

Letter writing Ans b 3. This is a strictly moderated site. Write detailed comment, relevant to the topic.

As well as if you have any doubts feel free to ask. Sleep mdoel dreams and wakeup for aims. Secondary unit of computer b.


The main advantage of open office is a. Incoming and outgoing mailing operations ans b What is the rate of interest p.

First, use above all provided information for proper preparation. Which of the following advantages could be derived from the use of franking machine?

Method of maintaining account books c. For any govt exam preparation, to begin with, Previous Papers is very important. Calculation at a speed b. The average of eight numbers taken together is mocel Mail sent out to customers] c.

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