Das Erdbeben in Chili has ratings and 28 reviews. James said: Please note, I read this novella in German, looking up translations as needed it was. HEROISM IN KLEIST’S “DAS ERDBEBEN IN CHILI”. Robin A. Clouser einrich von Kleist’s Novelle “Das Erdbeben in. H Chili” () is regarded by many. I. Editions of Kleist’s works have nothing to say about the source of his. Das Erdbeben in Chili, , other than noting that nothing is known on the subject1.

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At the very moment when the procession is taking her to the place of execution and Jeronimo, in prison, is about to hang himself in despair, the earthquake strikes. Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide.

Clearly the need to return to society, which seems to give meaning to human life, is just too great for mankind. Volume 48 Issue 2 Nov erdbbeen, pp.

Und als eine andere Stimme schreckenvoll, indessen sich ein weiter Kreis des Entsetzens um sie bildete, fragte: Are all men equal? Without cookies your experience may not be seamless. The story of Jeronimo and Josefa is a tragic klsist because the lovers ultimately die despite being given a second chance.

The Earthquake in Chile – Wikipedia

If you would like to authenticate using a different subscribed institution that supports Shibboleth authentication or have your own login and password to Project MUSE, click ‘Authenticate’. They attend the service. Forged from a partnership between a university press and a library, Project MUSE is a trusted part of the academic and scholarly community it serves. Time and again the narrator obliges us to register the fact that societies, cultures, institutions, individual people tend to project their values and assumptions on to the divinity.


Volume 15 Issue Janpp. Das Erdbeben in Chili by Heinrich von Kleist. Rugera had been a tutor at the house of Don Asteron, but Don Asteron dismissed him upon Asteron’s discovery of an illicit relationship between his daughter and Jeronimo. Kleist lets the readers explore these questions merely by setting up a situation in which there is no definite answer.

The religious people died as a result of the earthquake, but then again, it is these church folk that Kleist labels as corrupt.

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Cartel and attended the French Gymnasium. Volume 41 Issue 2 Decpp. If there’s any moral to the story, it’s the extraordinary deeds, humans are able to do in extraordinary times, i. Kleist’s usual themes of honor and courage alongside a world in turmoil are all here.

He went to Berlin early in the year and penned his drama “Die Familie Ghonorez”. May 24, Jane rated it really liked it Shelves: Dec 29, Hugolane rated it really liked it.

The town is scandalized.

Don Fernando, als er seinen kleinen Juan lleist sich liegen sah, mit aus dem Hirne vorquellenden Mark, hob, voll namenlosen Schmerzes, seine Augen gen Himmel. The following morning, the couple is approached by Don Fernando who asks Josephe to breast feed his son, Juan, since his wife, Donna Elvira, has been injured in the earthquake.

Relatos como “El terremoto de chile” evidencian cuan absurdas eran las antiguas convenciones. Wirkt abgeschnitten, unfertig, vielleicht allegorisch gemeint.

The tale can be read not only as a metaphor for the [End Page ] precarious quaking of representation, but also as a thorough taxonomy of modern understandings of causation.

Despite his chii that Josephe had already drdbeben, he begins to search for her, and is later reunited with her and their son, Philip. The tale has little local specificity; it is set in Chile, but what Kleist offers us is a model of European society, one which functions as test case in the exploration of how human beings negotiate the need to find meaning after a major disaster.


Die Wiederholung und das Motiv von Besinnung und Spiegel war total geil: They have been the ones who are physically harmed and in pain.

Volume 34 Issue 1 Janpp.

Volume 8 Issue Janpp. At the very same moment when she is to be burned and he’s in the act of hanging himself, the name-giving earthquake takes place, both are freed and meet each other by coincidence at a secluded brook soon after. All of which is little comfort; but it does not mean that life is meaningless kleiwt purposeless.

Das Erdbeben in Chili

In the end, he attempts to slay their newborn baby, but unbeknownst to him, he slays the baby of a friend of theirs. Volume 14 Issue Janpp. Volume 4 Issue Janpp. On her way to her execution as the earthquake strikes, Josephe rescues her son from the convent, where she had entrusted him to an abbess. Jeronimo and Josephe continued their relationship and were soon discovered by Josephe’s brother.

The answers to these and many more questions are, as one hates to learn, in the hands of the individual.

And with reality is where our sympathy will always lie. If this is so, why did Kleist focus on the situation that the two lovers were in? He just presents a situation in which all should decide for themselves. Seeing this, Josephe gives herself up to the crowd and is clubbed by the cobbler, Master Pedrillo.