The 90 day game plan was developed by Eric Worre in September of Eric Worre is a network marketing Professional who has made over 15Million Dollars . 90 day Game Plan Commitment and Criteria September 9 December 9 Eric Worre built a $15m network marketing empire, as a result of 5x 90 day . I have been following you and Eric Worre on the topic and I’m in I am also launching a 90 day game plan in October, and would like a copy or.

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Keep on keeping us positive!!! I’m sure it would be very useful for me in my business! When you focus on your activity…then you are golden! I would love to have a copy of tame Activity Tracker partner.

This activity tracker idea is just what I need. I want to take advantage of that 90 day blitz to not only boom my business wofre also to completely transform and become the person I’m supposed to be.

Thanks Ray for this!

The 90 Day Concept – 90 Day Challengers

This business requires having a laser focus and having a strategic game plan to acheive the next level of success and having an activity tracker is a very useful tool and help to avoid the distractions. Oh a 90 day Blitz! Thanks for the tracker! I’m up in this challenge too… Visualizing the process and results!


It is awesome to track our activities. Keep on helping us, it is your gift to the world!

A 12 week blitz is a must for anyone serious… having a way to track you goals is just as important. Hey Ray, your post inspired me to create an activity tracker for me and my team.

Please do not ignore this training! Crazy momentum requires just this, a way to keep me on track! plaj

Activity Tracker For a 90 Day Blitz

Having something tangible to help me dtsy on trsck will definitely help me stay focused. Comment Name required Email will not be published required Website.

Thanks so much for being the leader you are!! This dric help my team and myself to take our business to the next level.

Bit late getting onto this and would appreciate copy of the tracker. Would love to use your tracking system. The best part, though selfish, is that this tracker can be used for many things in addition to the Blitz that you are about to undertake.


I have been struggling to have a daily activity plan to follow. Here is the final part of our series on how you can change your life in 90 days.

If you would like to be part wrre our next 90 Day Game Plan, be sure to send me an email, or contact me directly by phone. I am learning and sharing and plan to start a Day blitz soon….

The 90 Day Game Plan for Your Home Business: Tips from Eric Worre

Looking forward to the updates! Learn how your comment data is processed. I appreciate having the tracker. Ray you are a true leader in our plxn of network marketing. We will be checking to make sure you did both. Mammie recently posted… Mammie.

Looking forward to your posts and all your great inspiration! Thank You for sharing….