The manual is intended as an overview of the Ericsson RBS .. as well as the indoor version RBS will be given in the. RBS Series Products – For indoor operation: ERICSSON RBS (Macro -BTS). Supports GSM , , and MHz. Six transceivers. RBS Series Products – For indoor operation: ERICSSON RBS (Macro -BTS). • Supports GSM , , and MHz. • Six transceivers.

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Unless under contractual warranty, after replacement, the temperature sensor shall be disposed of locally.

Orders can be placed through any local Ericsson company, or alternatively, on the internet.

Switch on the DXU circuit breakers. TRUs will successively be marked on the front with a coloured label showing frequency and encryption. Flashing One of the following applies: Tape can only be used to attach the note to the sides of the unit.

PSU -48 Ericsson BTS GSM good condition BMR 960 013/1 R11A RBS 2202

The dummies will secure correct cooling airflow to units in operation. The document is currently under revision and is 22202 complete. Make a test call: Proceed with one of two following sub-sections: Action Check all parts of the local bus. Bm Denotes a full rate traffic channel BPC Basic Physical Channel Denotes the air interface transport vehicle formed by repetition of one ericssonn slot on one or more radio frequency channels.

Please reply me within 24 hours. Refer to the chapter “Concluding Eriicsson instructions on completing a repair dricsson note. For example, when the work order denotes that a TRU is faulty, fault localisation will point out the position of the faulty TRU. New tie wraps must be installed when a new sub-rack is installed.


Main RU A main replaceable unit is a replaceable unit that contains one or more processors, to which software can be downloaded from the BSC. It is very important to ensure that the temperature of a spare unit is within the specified limits before inserting it into the RBS, otherwise the specified functions of that unit cannot be guaranteed.

Please note the following when using the torque wrench: First line maintenance includes the following activities: Faulty unit 19 Manufact. Choose the appropriate instructions below for ericszon of the IDM. Strict compliance with the special instructions while performing a task is the best way of preventing accidents. The CDU therefore requires power, bus and subrack cables. This type of accident may be fatal or cause serious injury.

Ericsson RBS Series

If there are no visible damages, proceed to the next step. Hand it over to your supervisor in exchange for a functioning tool. It is important to remember to verify that the information on the eeicsson is up to date when using this alternative.

Disconnect the AC cable.

In the Operation menu, click Display Software Versions. If the fault remains, proceed to Section 5. Select the appropriate TRXC object.

Contact the supervisor to inform them of any other faults found when performing the checklist as further corrective action may require individuals trained and certified to climb towers. When a bus is pointed out in the RU map it should be understood that faulty HW can be any unit connected to the bus, or the bus itself. Check for missing TRU dummies. PA Figure 71 Removing the fan securing clips 8.


RBS Installation and Integration Manual

Change view mode to MO view. No fault is detected in the RBS. Always perform the routines in the same order as they appear in the table. CDUs are marked on the front with a coloured ericsson showing the frequency. See access information below. Concluding Routines Describes administrative routines resulting from maintenance activity. Loosen the screws A – D that fasten the unit to the magazine. The Maintenance Manual is used to find out where the unit is located. This indicates that the TRUs are in local mode.

Refit the fans, ensuring that they are securely clipped to the chimneys behind them. The calibration of the DXU oscillator frequency was successful. There are three alternative ways to do this: On A fault is localised in the CU. Several instructions in this section require the OMT.

If the opto-loop becomes faulty, then system voltage supervision is lost as well.