Mohan Deep is an Indian writer. He has written multiple books on Bollywood film personalities, including the books: The Mystery and Mystique of Madhubala, It’s My Life (novel), Simply Scandalous: Meena Kumari, Eurekha. ‘Eurekha!’, the unauthorized biography of Rekha is out of print! Like ‘Nehru and the Tantrik Woman’, ‘Madhubala’, ‘Simply Scandalous: Meena Kumari’ and ‘Its. Rate, review and discuss Eurekha! by Mohan Deep for free at Read Print.

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It was a few months back that I was looking for a copy of Eurekha! And that is when I started looking for the author. One fine day I looked up his social media contacts and dropped him a line via Twitter. The next day, Deep sahab replied to me via twitter. I can get hold of his book about another favorite actress of mine, Meena Kumari.

Oh and yes, Rekha to phir Rekha hai! I am proud to say that I have learnt some of the craft of writing from the real master of the game, Mohan Deep sahab. Despite being constantly in touch with him, it took some convincing to talk about his experience as a writer especially with reference to his trilogy of books about leading screen goddesses of Bollywood. A special point to mention here is that he has not provided any critique on these actresses but have dissected their lives as people who were ordinary, and full of flaws, and he is still not judgmental in his writing.

We have disagreed on the nature of questions too. I am a serious Rekha fan, and I wanted to know more about her and how Mohan Deep sahab researched for his book. He wants to focus more on his fiction books. Both of us got away with almost equal share in the pie! It is Feng Shui and Fiction for me now! Indian author and controversial star-biographer Mohan Deep has been an active part of Indian media sceneas a journalist and writer for over 40 years. He was a leading short story writer in Sindhi when he moved to English.

Meena Kumari and Eurekha! Unlike the regular biographies these books treated the subjects as human beings and portrayed them with warts and all. He became famous as star biographer but his roots were in literature. This was the reason he has returned to fiction again and again. He is working on a novella tentatively titled Love Story Gone Wrong. But that is only one side of Mohan Deep.

He is the face of Feng Shui in India, giving consultation on lay outs and by personal visits.

He counts several film stars among his clients. Add to that his Feng Shui paintings. He is the only Feng Shui Master in India who paints and energizes his symbolic paintings. You were also actively writing about the politicians and underworld figures. I toyed with the biography of Haji Mastan and we even shook hand about it. But there were complications. He wanted me to keep out many things, things that I knew to be true. I wanted to write a biography that could satisfy me on creative level, as a writer.


Mastan wanted a vehicle that could justify and glorify his life.

Simply Scandalous: Meena Kumari

Who besides Sindhis know about him? It was creatively a rewarding period, when I wrote over short stories and a couple of novels. Unfortunately, the readership in Sindhi was very limited, mohqn I decided to write in English. I took up freelance journalism as a career. I decided to quit while at the top, when every article I wrote was creating waves. I wanted to write books. I gave myself a creative challenge by selling the idea of a biography of the late film star Madhubala to the boss of the Magna group, which had planned to get into book publishing.

I investigated her life, read whatever had been published about her in English, Hindi and Urdu, interviewed everyone who had worked with her, and wrote The Mystery and Mystique of Madhubala. It is considered the most authentic book about her. My next biography was Simply Scandalous: I used the same method for this biography too.

And then I completed the trilogy with Eurekha! It was translated in Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati and Bengali and this bio too fared very well.

The trilogy were bestsellers, and were received well, and they placed me in a different league as a writer. It is not right to call them exposures. These three legends were not scams waiting to be investigated. My bios elevated the stature of the three legends by bringing the spotlight on their work and private life like it had eurekua been done before.

Rekha must be grateful to me for including her in the trilogy with the other two legends. I can imagine how left-out the others must feel. Of course, they can have all the books on their lives, but — I say it very humbly — no biography would match the honesty and objectivity of my trilogy? I was no mohaan of Rekha.

Whatever she had achieved as an actress and all the colourful scandals in her life were past and forgotten. Yeah, she wanted people to forget her scandalous past.

EuRekha! – Mohan Deep – Google Books

There were other journalists of your generation who would know about her true story. Every journalist of my generation knows the reality of Rekha.

That is why no one disputed my version. Honestly, Rekha should have been grateful that I had devoted several months to write a book on her life. This happened to Madhubala and Meena Kumari too. So you think that you added glamour to Rekha, Meena Kumari and Madhubala! My biographies extended their life! TV channels eurekna run stories on these three actresses quoting extensively from my biographies and displaying my books. Fortunately, we have democracy in India! There is no question of Rekha getting her biography banned.


She called off the project, but Moraes went ahead and completed the biography anyway. Do you think Rekha could do it and I would watch silently? I wrote a play.

It was based on facts and some eurekhs. Mata delivered his deeo which was given in adoption. No one knows who adopted the baby. We have a Censor Board for public performances.

It was the Congress government.

May be now it can be staged, but I have lost interest. In fact, and I am admitting omhan for the first time, that for a long time I lost interest in writing because of this stifling atmosphere.

I have been approached moan one theatre group in Mumbai for staging the play but the talks are at preliminary stage. I merely took that as the moham for my fictional play. I had also lost interest. It changed my life. I went as deep into this subject as I had gone into the life of the three leading ladies. I practiced Feng Shui for over a decade, content and happy. I still practice and offer consultation. This has been my main profession, but the thought of writing more books always remained in the back of my mind.

How did Feng Shui happened? I was always interested in painting, and also in the oriental eurekhw. I came across books about the ancient science of geomancy. It is now popular as Feng Shui. I wrote a few articles and had long discussions with some friends in the industry. I also did a couple of courses. They were ready to experiment.

I saw that Feng Shui really worked. So, I started giving consultation occasionally. And then I wrote a book. I had never gone away! This story of The Five Foolish Virgins remained in my mind for a long time. I let the characters become familiar to me, I let the people I have known over the years become part of those characters, and let some characters take birth from thin air.

I also create some loveable characters.

If your characters are loveable, you have won the battle. The Five Foolish Virgins is a sure page-turner.