The guardREC® solution complies with the EUROCAE ED to assist the The Functional specifications for CNS/ATM Recording (ED) is a set of. Std EUROCAE ED Functional specifications for CNS/ATM Recording – Including Amendment N°1. Context. Related Elements. Std EUROCAE ED EUROCAE and RTCA documents should be listed in an EUROCAE ED Safety and Performance Standard for Baseline 2 ATS Data. Communications (Baseline 2 Page

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Examples of tests covered include vibration, power input, radio frequency susceptibility, lightning and electrostatic discharge. Airport Collaborative Decision Making is about improving the way operational Partners at airports and the European ATM network work together at an operational level. The goal is to contribute to the establishment of a regulatory framework based on the existing regulatory environment for civil aviation that will allow qualified unmanned aircraft to operate in airspace without segregation from manned aircraft and without degrading airspace efficiency and safety.

This document can also be used to give guidance to manufacturers intending to develop or install lightweight flight recording systems which maybe used for or other purposes such as flight training, flight data monitoring.

This standard provides the operational, safety, and performance requirements SPR for the implementation of data communication services that support air traffic services ATS.

ED-111 – Functional specifications for CNS/ATM Recording (including Amendment N°1 – 30 July 2003)

Rather, it is an approach to using aeronautical data, based on sharing data between all Partners, ensuring a common view of the ATM and airport environment on all levels. This ED is one of the set of three documents covering the whole spectrum of aircraft interaction with ehrocae. Issued in December The algorithms are described at a sufficiently high level to allow for implementation in a variety of software languages and hardware platforms, thereby providing maximum freedom edd-111 manufacturers while ensuring the intended output from the system.


This document supersedes EDC published in This document describes the overarching context of the dd-111 responsibility for Aeronautical Information Systems Security AISS through the identification and description of topics, which have to be addressed. Compliance with the objectives of EDC is the primary means of obtaining approval of software used in civil aviation products. EDG provides standard procedures and environmental test criteria for testing airborne equipment ed1-11 the entire spectrum of aircraft from light general aviation aircraft and helicopters through the “jumbo jets” and SST categories of aircraft.


Finally, it definies methods for verifying acceptable aircraft p-static control. Issued in March Network Specification — Part 2: Change 1 to EDG. Member discounts will be applied at the final step of your order if applicable. Airworthiness authorities, civil aviation authorities, and the aviation industry urge aerodrome mapping database AMDB originators and integrators to use this document when providing those data to eurkcae designers and users.

No longer maintained Issued in December This document applies to software that forms part of an ANS system. This supplement identifies the additions, modifications and deletions to EDC and EDA objectives when object-oriented technology or related techniques are used as ev-111 of the software development life cycle and additional guidance is required.

Power source specifications, d. This document defines and allocates the set of minimum requirements for the end-to-end operational, safety, performance and interoperability aspects for implementations of the ADS-B-RAD application.

EUROCAE Documents and Reports | eShop EUROCAE

Issued in October The following parts provide an overview about the deliverables WG has produced as individual reports, and how they can be used for standardisation durocae future services. This supplement identifies the additions, modifications and substitutions to EDC and EDA objectives when formal methods are used as part of a software life cycle, and the additional guidance required.


It is designed to ensure that compliant equipment for altimetry function will meet the performance standard required to support Reduced Eurocaae Separation Minima RVSM operation throughout the operational ed-1111 of the system.

Issued in April Volume 3 European Legacy Telephone Interworking. EDG is complemented by ED This document provides minimum operational performance specifications for the airborne portion of the microwave landing system. It provides information on the design, installation and certification of the system and is expected to become a basis for new equipment and installation standards.

The current version of this document only provides the first set of guidance for methods; subsequent versions will provide further examples. The report addresses coordination processes leading towards safety, performance eyrocae interoperability assessment, with an eventual aim to support also airworthiness certification and operational approval. It clarifies the previous version ED particularly the field of message processing.

Member discounts will be applied at the final step of your order (if applicable).

Software tools are widely used in multiple domains to assist in developing, verifying and controlling other software.

Radio Issued in April European Legacy Telephone Interworking – Volume eurocse It is applicable to on board crash-protected recorders, ancillary equipment and their installation in civil aircraft. It addresses elements of effective aircraft p-static control design.