You can export your map using the commands found on the Export tab or by choosing a format in the Save As dialog Save as type list. If the export you want to . You can use sidebars on the front page to carry out basic exports of map images or raw data of a particular area. MindMeister offers a wide variety of export options, enabling you to turn maps into Word documents, save them as PDFs, as images and more. Please note that .

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Click Save when ready. Left-click outside the concept to set the label. You will have to restart CmapTools when doing this. Moving the mouse over the Color button makes a box appear cmqp indicates what type of object will be affected when a color change is made.

Spell check currently only works in Cmaps with text exporttar in English. Now, a newly-created nested node surrounds, or neststhe Cmap items you have selected. Under the Text Alignment heading, you can choose from LeftCenteror Right justifications to horizontally align text inside of a concept. Now when viewing the Cmap, the Cmap items from the selected nested nodes have merged into one nested node. Right-click the new folder, then place the Cmap and its associated files into the folder by left-clicking Paste.

Similarly, the creator of a folder cmpa inside the selected folder known as a child folder is given, by default, administrative privileges over their folder. You can make an image appear in the background of a Cmap.

You may instead right-click anywhere on the Cmap and select New Concept from the menu that appears. Now when viewing the Cmap, the text inside the concept you selected has changed positions. To change the color of a linking line, select the line by right-clicking it, then left-click Line This method allows people without CmapTools to view a Cmap and browse its resources, though the recipient of the email needs to know how to uncompress files to view the Cmap.


Using Autolayout CmapTools contains a tool that can arrange your Cmaps in a logical manner. Left-clicking the Reverse button under the Connection Direction heading will reverse the direction that arrows point. Keep In Touch We’re constantly pushing forward, researching and developing new ideas.

Export map to another format

The sections Create a New Proposition from One Concept and Create a Proposition from Existing Concepts further explore various connection possibilities that may also be used to connect multiple Cmaps.

Paste is also used to attach resource links that have been copied. Also, another way to expand or collapse a nested node is to left-click the set of arrows on the right of the node.

To reveal other Cmap items that may be covered up by an expanded nested node, return the node to its label mode. After left-clicking Addthe “Edit Resource Properties” window appears. These fields may be already filled with default values. Drag ezportar Drop your Cmap and all related resources to your desktop. Now an internet shortcut icon will appear in the folder where you saved it.

Exportsr users who are listed as administrators of a specific folder can modify the permissions list on that folder, even if they have all of the other individual permissions that are given to administrators.


The Force Directed options will will reduce the amount of space between objects, keeping the Cmap’s existing design. For example, a concept map may illustrate the symbiotic relationship that takes place within a system.

Export to other formats

When no other administrator is specified for a folder, xeportar over the permissions list of the folder is determined by the first “admin” found in either the folder’s parent directory, a subsequent ancestor directory, or even the root.

Another way to make the arrow follow the mouse pointer is to left-click once on the concept arrows, then release the button before moving the mouse. Notice that the vertical position of the parent concept does not change how arrows are placed using this arrow feature.

Once all messages in the discussion thread have been read, the DT icon will return to its normal yellow color.

One type of modified link, the curved link, can be used to complete the addition of a concept to a proposition. To exportra a single resource, select File then Add Resource s All items of a Cmap, except the resource link group icon described in the help section Drag in Resourcescan change color.

Now when viewing the Cmap, the linking line you selected will appear in the line style you chose. If you are not the owner or administrator of a Cmap, and you want to synchronously collaborate on that Cmap with others, you may request a synchronous collaboration session.

Left-click OK to return to the “Styles” window.