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Section I. Accountability and Inventory. PETROLEUM ACCOUNTING RECORDS AND REPORTS. Soldiers storing or transferring class III products must. provide extensive information about FM ( ). SUPERCESSION STATEMENT. This publication supersedes ATP dated 21 July , FM dated 2 April. and FM

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Figurepageshows an outage tape and bob. When lowering the stick, be do not splash the product and cause an inaccurate cut. A 5-gallon sample should be submitted when jet fuels are tested for thermal stability.

FM Concepts And Equipment Of Petroleum Operations – TABLE OF CONTENTS

Record the cut as the innage gage. Gage tankers and rail tank cars with specific measuring devices as described in the paragraph above.

To do this, place the drum in a vertical position. A brass angle is used to position the gage stick. The chains and buoys are subject to much wear and tear from the ocean and moving vessels.

Use the tank car gage stick to determine dome innage and shell outage in nonpressurized rail tank cars that have shell outages of 1 foot or less.

A fuel is clean when it is free of suspended matter, sediment, and emulsions. Each leg of a 10-67-11 mooring facility is made up of fn marker buoy, sinker, anchor, and chain. All the metal structures and pipelines on piers should be grounded. Also, the eroded soil collects at the base of the firewalls.

The calibration charts should be checked periodically. Bottom sediment and water.

The two types of tape and bob are innage and outage. If any of these things are in the tank in sufficient levels to cause contamination, clean the tank before using it. The opening inventory is the total amount of bulk petroleum on hand at the beginning of the month. To get an outage gage or ullage using an outage tape and bob, refer to Figurepageand follow the steps below.


They are also located in areas that are not navigable by ships and in areas where there are no piers. Hose assemblies, rubber, oil and gasoline discharge, smooth-bore, lightweight buoyant type MIL-H ships latest revision Hose and hose assemblies, synthetic rubber, reinforced, water- and oil resistant, nonmagnetic and regular service, high-pressure type type C MIL-H ships latest revision Hose and hose assemblies, rubber, oil- and gasoline discharge, smooth-bore, lightweight, buoyant type; reattachable couplings and adapters MIL-H ships latest revision Hose, rubber, gasoline, with reusable couplings, low temperature MIL-H, latest revision.

Marine loading arms Chapter 4 are being used instead of hoses and hose-handling equipment at many waterfront facilities. Fences are necessary around petroleum installations to prevent trespassing, theft and sabotage. Estimate the closing inventory for collapsible tanks by subtracting issue totals from receipt totals.

The same applies to semisolids in containers of less than 35 pounds. It is the cut is hard to read, put product-indicating paste on the bob and gage the tank again.

This equipment is usually located at the end of piers. There are several different 10-677-1 of samplers used to take liquid petroleum samples.

A yardstick, along with the graph shown in Figurepagestep B, can be used as a field expedient to determine the approximate number f gallons in a gallon drum. As a rule, the cup-case 1-67-1 is used to measure temperature.

Waterfront facilities and tactical marine terminals are used to transfer fuel to and from tankers. The firewalls which are built around aboveground tanks at permanent installations are usually made of concrete or some impervious material. Hydrometer, graduated scale, API 29 to 41 range mm long, 14mm diameter, with thermometer.


This is necessary to find the actual product amount present in the tank.

If the product cut is hard to read, put product-indicating paste on the bob and gage the tank again. Part Two describes bulk petroleum distribution systems. 1-67-1 our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more.

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Concepts and Equipment of Petroleum Operations (FM ) by Army, Department of the

The angle is attached at the zero mark on the gage stick. Description This tm, “Concepts and Equipment of Petroleum Operations FM ,” is a guide for commanders, staff 106-7-1, supervisors, and other personnel concerned with petroleum concepts, equipment, and operations. They usually accumulate on the side opposite a filling line or on either side of an outlet. To determine this, compare the length of the unwound tape with the reference height of the tank. Keep it in position for 15 to 30 seconds for heavier products.

Enter Your Email Address. To get an innage gage using the innage tape and bob, refer to Figurepageand follow the steps below: Temperature measuring procedures are as follows:. A sample dm a small amount of petroleum which is representative of the whole product.

Concepts and Equipment of Petroleum Operations (FM 10-67-1)

By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. Part Three describes Army aircraft refueling operations. Definitions of the following terms are found in the glossary. Sign In Gm Out.

Bottom sediment and water often accumulate in different parts of a tank bottom.