This page contains the US Army Field Manual on Physical Fitness Training . Injuries, Chapter Army Physical Fitness Test. Appendix. Appendix A. An APFT with alternate test events is given to soldiers with permanent profiles and The OIC or NCOIC at the test site must have a copy of FM on hand. FM PHYSICAL FITNESS TRAINING CHAPTER 14 – ARMY PHYSICAL FITNESS TEST *This publication supersedes FM , 28 August

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The score for each event ranges from 0 to points; a minimum score of 60 in each event is required to pass the test. He uses the 21–20 “Get set” and “Go. Turn in your number when you finish the run. Then, go to the area designated for the cool-down and stretch.

The scorer for each group assigns a number to each soldier in the group. While the APFT testing is an important tool in determining the physical readiness of individual soldiers and units, it should not be the sole basis for the unit’s physical fitness training.

United States Army Physical Fitness Test – Wikipedia

Circle NO-GO is the soldier apf to complete the alternate aerobic event within the required time. Securing a location for the events. A repetition will not count if you fail to reach the vertical position, fail to keep your fingers interlocked behind your head, arch or bow your back and raise your buttocks off the ground to raise your upper body, or let your knees exceed a degree angle.


This evaluates training procedures and indicates the soundness of the unit’s physical fitness program.

All soldiers must undergo periodic physical examinations in accordance with AR and NGR All soldiers, both active and reserve component, must take the APFT for record regardless of age unless prohibited by a medical profile.

They should always strive to improve themselves physically and never be content with meeting minimum standards.

Then, return to the starting position by raising your entire body until your arms are fully extended. If a road course is used, the start and finish and one-mile half way point must be clearly marked.

Appropriate comments may include: Your arms and elbows need not touch the ground. Diagnostic testing is important in monitoring training progress but, when done too often, may decrease motivation and waste training time.

United States Army Physical Fitness Test

See Figure for a list of points that need to be made during the demonstration. On the command ‘get set,’ assume the front-leaning rest position by placing your hands where they are comfortable for you.

Use the form below to search the site: In case of test failure, commanders may allow soldiers to retake the test as soon as the soldiers and commanders feel they are ready. There are several ways they can assess fitness including the following:. The alternate aerobic APFT events are the following: The unit will complete the height and weight data.


Equipment Two stopwatches, one clipboard and pen for each scorer, one copy each of the test instructions and standards, and appropriate safety equipment are needed.

He counts out loud the number of correct repetitions completed and repeats the number of the last correct push-up if an incorrect one is done. I honestly have no idea why it was done. The testing events are conducted in accordance with standards detailed in Army FM 7— Personnel One event supervisor must be at the test site and one scorer at each station. The calculations on Figuregive the soldier a total score of points.

A detailed study of the results on each event is more important. Each scorer determines for himself if he will sit or kneel when scoring. Under no circumstances is the APFT valid if a soldier cannot begin and end all three events in two hours or less. The time is recorded in minutes and seconds.

FM Table of Contents | Cord Interactive Military Training Tools and Software

Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. When the soldier completes the event, the scorer records the number of correctly performed sit-ups, initials the scorecard, and returns it to the soldier. Chapter 10 Developing the Unit Program.