View and Download Fostex VF supplement owner’s manual online. Additional functions on the new version. VF Voice Recorder pdf manual download. Operation manual, Digital multitracker, Optical • Read online or download PDF • Fostex VFEX User Manual. Fostex VFEX • User guide • Download PDF for free and without registration!.

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Fostex VFEX User Manual | pages

Both experienced and novice manua of multitracker should try this process so as to learn the VF operations. The following procedure assumes that the newly formatted “clean” disk is used for backup. Erasing A Program Tell us about it. The VF exits the channel edit mode and the display returns to the Normal display.

FOSTEX VF RECORDER original factory owner’s manual | eBay

Chain Play Function The VF will startup. However, a temporary memory stored in the Temporarynumbers disappear and all the parameters return to thedefault “Un-defined” settings when the power is turned off,though they do not disappear when changing the program. Please read the instructions in its entirety prior to actual mannual, to prevent any erroneous understanding of the description.


The fader icon for the fostexx channel as shown in a dotted line, indicating that you do not have to adjust it. I want to partially rerecord a previously recordedperformance.

Controlling fader levels You can control fader levels for channels 1 through 16 and the master channel while viewing the numeric values. Depending on the selected item, LCD will be as follows. Selecting A Program Selecting a Program If there are several programs set on the disk, there may be a need to select a target program. The data load to the selected program starts.

By selecting a program, you can start chain playfrom the desired step in the chain play list. The VFEX does not recognize other file names than above.

I want to try recording a musical instrument. If no scene memory except the initial setting “S00 Init Mnual is stored, selecting any scene number 01 to 99 except 00 shows “Un-defined” Setup of external equipment 1.

Inserting a program to the chain play listYou can insert a program to a desired step in thecurrent chain play list.

Executing Track Exchange Setting The Compressor So only tracks 01 and 02 will be recorded. Master Channel Mute Turn ON the VF after plugging the power cable in the electric outlet. Page 99 Setting the chain play mode When you have made the chain play list, set the chainplay mode. This is a digital 8 track recorder from fostex. Details are described later.


What’s missing? Tell us about it.

By inserting a disc, you can start the save operation again from the beginning. When selecting an existing program, the data size of the program is also shown. Controlling Fader Levels I guarantee every item I sell to live up to it’s description The display shows the screen for selecting the load destination program to which a WAV file is loaded.

In the following example, track03 is skipped when assigning programs. The display changes to something like the screen below. Top Panel Recorder Section Clearing A Scene Memory