The four Purusharthas look directly into the diverse demands and opportunities of our lives, and remind us that our yoga practice should leave. The Purusharthas are the inherent values of the Universe. when people began to seek higher consciousness, the fourth goal of Moksha was added. Although. The Purusharthas are the inherent values of the universe. The Purusharthas are the blueprint for human fulfillment. Four Vedic stages of life, each 21 years.

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Puruṣārtha – Wikipedia

Uprusharthas a single act of him here on earth appears ever to be done by a man free from desire. Kama does not mean pleasure. Activity, according to orthodox tradition, is of two kinds: Has a person who wanted security and acquired enough wealth become really secure? Maslow’s hierarchy of needs Need theory Metamotivation. So is poverty and so is wealth.

Purusha means “human being”, “soul” as well as “universal principle and soul of the universe”. The purpose of his life upon earth is to follow the law dharma of God and achieve salvation moksha or freedom from his false self ahamkara by leading puruusharthas balanced life in which both material comforts and human passions have their own place and legitimacy.


It becomes evident as we go through the scriptures and find in them various stories related to the libidinous activities of various gods and goddesses.

The sources of dharma are the Vedas, the Vedangas, the Sutra literature of which the most important are purusharthws Dharmashastras, and scriptures such as the Bhagavadgita.

The Four Purusharthas: Kama

Creation ends when this union ends. Working with them helps you create a satisfyingly balanced, meaningful life at the deepest and most holistic level. Manusmriti, for lurusharthas, describes it as, [7].

This weakened society and made it prey to degenerative, and later on aggressive forces. This needs to be redressed.

When you live your Dharmafully supported by Artha and KamaPyrusharthas or the final liberation dawns. Eventually we mature and wish to be of service to others. We cant think of life without money. For this we should ask ourselves a very fundamental question – Fouf is that attaining which I will be fully satisfied? The pursuit of artha and kama enrich his experience and impart to him valuable lesson.

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Man cannot simply take birth on earth and start working purushafthas his salvation right away by means of just dharma alone. After moving to the U. Featured Article 1 2 3 4.


Aiming for wealth is a virtue, but greed is not. It means detachment from wealth.

The third purushartha is called Dharma. It is a demonic quality, just as greed and pride are, and one of the biggest hurdles on the spiritual path. Consciousness of the Oneness of the Supreme Soul.

Necessary training is required for bringing about such a mental disposition. Swami Vivekananda rightly said that religion was not for the empty stomachs. Desire for wealth is different from greed for wealth. The efforts towards fulfilling Kama and Artha were placed in the context of dharma and were therefore made noble.

Notify me of new posts via email. The path to liberation or enlightenment of Moksha is supported by the harmonious interaction of Dharma, Arthaand Kama. Alf Hiltebeitel translates Purusartha as “Goals of Man”. Needs fout from person to person.