NOTES ON “FRAGMENTS OF A ZADOKITE. WORK”. THE text of this remarkable document which Prof. Schechter has published in the first volume of his. The Damascus Document, also called the Cairo Damascus document (CD) or Damascus Rule, The fragments found by Solomon Schechter were originally called the Zadokite Fragments, but after the work was found at Qumran, the name . Section of Zadokite Fragment (T-S 10K6) on Sabbath laws (KB) he was able to offer, in his introduction to Fragments of a Zadokite Work (pp. xxv-xxvi).

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As a shepherd with his flock. See Charles, Introductionp.

Fragments of a Zadokite Work

And their kings] were cut off by it. In connection with this subject, the following extracts from the Jerahmeel MS.

The only other place where the Sect adduces something like an argument in an Halachic question, is p. And everything concerning which any man shall have to speak he shall speak to the Censor, with regard to any controversy or suit The meaning of the law oc entirely obscure to me.

Reuben, 6 6; and Test. And ere they were formed He knew their works. For it is a people of no under- standing And they digged the well. See also Jer, 25 From Babylon to Timbuktu: The paper is tom in the middle of the word.


Home About Contact User. Ritual Purity and the Dead Sea Scrolls.

All the men who entered into the New Covenant in the land of Damascus. Beth Hammidrash Jellinek v.

Nephilim in Dead Sea Scrolls Fragments of a Zadokite Work aka Damascus Document

This word can also be read H Wife suspected of adultery Berachoth 16 i p. By them were they caught because they kept not the commandment of God. To raise their offerings according to their 21 interpretation 33 fragmets, to love every one his neighbour as himself 34and to strengthen the hand Page 7 of the poor and the needy and the stranger 35and to seek every one the peace of his neighbour.

And every pool in a rock in which woro is not. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion.

Add — Meaning obscure. His revelations are not in harmony with custom and usage, and must therefore be dated back to the Biblical or patriarchal times. The diction is very zadokkte, and there may be some words missing. And they were as though they had not been. And I will open your eyes to see. Scholars have also believed that he was a priest based on other variations in the text that are also thought to be him. Aork And this is the usage of the Censor of the camp.


Perhaps some words are missing here. Because they sought after smooth things, And they chose deceits, And kept watch. Tur Orach Chayimpar.


Archived from the original on 26 February They are regarded as the men of scoffing p. These differences, in addition to those still to be discussed, led to a complete separation of the Sect from aa bulk of the Jewish nation. On the other hand, the assertion of Photius that Dositheus was particularly hostile to Judah, one of the dork patriarchs, and that the Dositheans declared their founder to be the Messiah, is in harmony with the tendency of our Sect and the claims for their founder That the wrath of God was kindled against all His congregation:.

E and CDb to 11th or 12th century C. And there shall not be unto them or unto their 13 families a share in the house of the Law. But at last, as it would seem, this scion from Aaron and Og overcame all difficulties, and was recognized as the Teacher of Righteousness whose mission is to make Israel walk in the ways of God p.