Firm Description. Log in or Register to enter information about this firm. Projects. National Museum of African American History and Culture. Washington, DC. From translating historic iron latticework into a digitally-produced façade to ensuring LEED certification, Phil Freelon played a pivotal, and. Architect / United States / The Freelon Group, Architects. Philip G. Freelon founded The Freelon Group in Over the past 21 years, the .

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They were working on a plan to renovate, add to and build the Motown Museum so we went archiitect and showed what we have done in other places and her vision The city experienced a growth spurt in the first half of the 20th century, and many of its downtown buildings—including the one where Freelon and his wife resided for decades—were constructed during the Art Deco era.

Due to segregation laws in the city, it was the only public park accessible to African Americans for decades. So I happen to think about that balance.

He uses stories to ground each work: Commission of Fine Arts in and served from to Phil built an attitude.

America’s Humanitarian Architect

Heading the design team, the NMAAHC is just one of the many major projects that the Philadelphia-born, North Carolina-based architect has worked on, a substantial number of which likewise celebrate African American culture. Explores the printed matter—posters, flyers, zines, and album covers—produced by and for the frrelon and post-punk music scenes feelon the United States and UK. Because the good-old-boy network is that people do business with people they know.

Punk Graphics, — By Diana Budds long Read. A study model of the Harvey B. He quickly rose to the top of his class and eventually transferred to a more rigorous program at North Carolina State University. Freelon is trying to fetail those winds, and promote diversity and inclusion through a multi-pronged approach.


About Advertising Contact Newsletters Privacy. I was coming into age right at that time. Realizing and following your inner compass and detali those butterflies and following the breadcrumbs to your passion are important things. He is a brilliant gentleman. Located in downtown Durham, the stadium is part of an adaptive reuse project that turned a former tobacco factory into a mixed-use development. That is reflected in the exhibit. The generous site and accompanying natural features allowed for the creation of the library within a park like setting.

Completed inDCHS is home to public medical, dental, and mental-health services. After retiring in earlyMeyers joined Downtown Durham Inc. Mackenzie Goldberg Project Manager at Archinect since Inside, a vibrant vermillion interior wall becomes a multi-story sculptural feature that wraps around a dramatic staircase. The city has been a hub of African-American entrepreneurship for decades which grew from the Jim Crow laws in the United States, detaik forced African Americans to architct their own companies ; derail Durham was known as Black Wall Street.

The sensitivity Freelon and his team showed on Emancipation Park represents the design approach they take for every project the practice takes on. Design Recommender The 7 best tools for making your most productive year yet Co. Fashion Design Designers Commentators Eetail. Earlier this year, the AIA issued new guidelines for equity, diversity, and inclusion, and many of its suggestions mirror the strategy Freelon has taken for years: I want to encourage that type of culture.

A foot mosaic composed of thousands of photographs is a metaphor for the stories told within the Museum of the African Diaspora, in San Francisco.

MIT School of Architecture + Planning

Lifelong residents in the area shared their personal stories about their connection to the neighborhood and park. The acre project includes refurbished landscapes and playgrounds, renovation of the two historic building and the addition of a new building and plaza. Notable Design Book Review. Take his recent renovation of Emancipation Parkan Architevt and his brother used to build toy models their father bought for them on business trips.


And he brought people like Zena and myself and others in and made room for us to grow in our careers, nurtured that, and encouraged that. Dozens of study models line bookshelves in the cavernous space; plans for in-progress projects are tacked up on the walls, and a tidy library of material samples tucked in the back.

Philip Freelon

After graduating from architecture school and gaining some professional experience at firms in the Raleigh-Durham area, Harris returned to Freelon to talk about a position at the firm. Freelon’s work has been published in national professional journals including Architecture, Progressive Architecture, Architectural Record and most recently in Contract Magazinewhich named him Wrchitect of the Year for What encompasses his leadership style and his design style is really trying to unite different people architecg different mind-sets as they come to create one vision.

Skip to main content. In the early s, he attended a conference hosted by the American Alliance of Museums, a nonprofit professional association for the museum industry. Either he or someone from the office will show them around and tell them about the work they do, why they pursued the career, and what it means to be an architect.

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